There is a way out .

however , The front end is constantly developing , The competition is also increasingly fierce . This makes it difficult to mix the front end of the half hanging son .16 In , meeting html and css Add a little more jquery You can find a job . After so many years of development , The front end is no longer a drawing page , But right javascriprt You should master it well ,vue perhaps react You need to be familiar with at least one framework to find a job

Front end industry , My conclusion is , Low end increasingly saturated , The development prospect is very good , Huge personal growth space .

For newly trained people , Be competent for the work of two years' experience development . Two years of experience and two years of work are not the same concept , Many people will ignore this . actually , The main thing is that there are high requirements for the content and quality of training .

There are many training institutions on the market , For institutions that only make money , Be sure to avoid , Otherwise, it's just a waste of time and money .

I said some good ones , You can focus on it .

One is hungry valley , The front end is their main target , Fang Fang's lectures are quite distinctive . But at present, the main focus is on java and c++ Yes , The energy allocated by the front end is much less , Some excellent courses can't be updated until now , Let's hurry up here .

One is to start the class . Its teachers are very strong ,blue, Liao Xuefeng ,winter. These are the characters in the front ceiling , But come and go , I don't think there is any accumulation of core , This is a pity . But the curriculum system is really good , You can also try it .

One is Dinglu school , Dinglu school and their family focus on the front end , The curriculum system has been updated for several years , Keep up with cutting-edge technology . Teachers' lectures are also simple , Especially friendly to novices .

I feel light when I get it on paper , Just believe in yourself , make hard effort , Will find a way out . Just like the sun taken yesterday , Bright and hopeful .


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