* cpu Also known as central processing unit , It is the brain of computer . It gets instructions from memory , Then execute these instructions
* cpu Including arithmetic unit (ALU) And controller (CU).
CPU The main performance indicators of are word length and clock frequency . along with CPU Continuous improvement of main frequency , It has faster access to memory , For coordination CPU Speed difference between and memory , stay CPU Cache memory is integrated in the chip , Cache memory is also a comparison CPU Important indicators of quality , The larger its storage capacity , The faster the CPU operates .
* The first one cpu Only one core . The core is the part of the processor that implements instruction reading and execution , A multicore cpu Having two or more cores . Can improve cpu Processing efficiency of

* Memory is also called RAM, It consists of an ordered sequence of bytes , Used to store programs and data required by programs .
* byte : Each byte is represented by 8 individual bit constitute , Each byte has a unique address , Use this address to determine the position of bytes , To facilitate data storage and acquisition .
* Memory accesses data faster than hard disk 10 times . Memory solves some problems CPU Running too fast , And the hard disk data access is too slow .
* Data called in the computer , You need to read it from the hard disk , Send to memory , Then the memory is sent to CPU
. Memory is CPU Directly addressable storage space . The program we usually use , as Windows operating system , Typing software , Game software, etc , It is usually installed on external memory such as hard disk , But its function cannot be used only for this , They must be put into memory to run , To really use its functions , We usually input a paragraph of text , Or play a game , In fact, they are all carried out in memory . Usually we put the , A large amount of data is stored in external memory , And put some temporary or a small amount of data and programs in memory .
All stored in memory are cpu Program to run .
storage device

Such as hard disk , CD drive , CD , magnetic tape .

input device

Such as mouse , keyboard

output device

Such as display , printer

Communication equipment

Such as network card


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