<> specific requirement

1. First of all, as an autopilot practitioner, we must learn the autopilot platform , Such as open source Baidu apollo,apollo It has a large number of open source materials and simulation platforms , It provides a good learning platform for people without cars , adopt apollo You can understand the architecture of autonomous driving software and the code of each module .

2. Basic tools : Skilled use linux,ros,rviz,docker,cmake,git,gdb,vscode Other tools , Work for the best , We must sharpen our tools first .

3. Code capability improvement : Master C++,python,matlab, You can practice leetcode Code improvement capability , master C++ data structure .

4. Planning algorithm learning :DQ,QP,A*,hybird a
star,RRT,DWA, Artificial potential field method ,Dijkstra, polynomial , Bessel ,b Spline ,RS curve ,dubins curve , Arc curve , Spiral curve, etc .

5. Control algorithm learning :MPC,LQR, fuzzy control ,PID,Stanley, Pure tracking ,ADRC, Variable structure , Bode Plots , Nyquist curve , Root locus , Lyapunov stability , Controllability , Observability , Descriptive function method , Nonlinear design, etc

6. Computational geometry : vector , scalar , matrix , coordinate transformation , collision detection , curve , Line intersection , Point to line distance , Distance between the vehicle and obstacles, etc .

7. Numerical optimization : gradient descent ,QP, Sequential quadratic programming, etc

8. Decision theory :POMDP,MDP, State machine , Decision tree , Bayesian theory, etc .

9. Game theory : Nash equilibrium, etc

10. Vehicle dynamics and kinematics model , coordinate transformation , Four elements, etc .

11. Learning method of strategy iteration :Qlearning Etc .

12. Familiar with traffic rules and driving ability .

13. wave filtering : Low pass filtering , High pass filtering , Bandpass filtering , Notch filter , Mean filtering , median filtering , Kalman filtering , Extended Kalman filter , Unscented Kalman filter , Particle filter, etc .

14. There are also some simulation tools , Such as Baidu ,prescan,trucksim,dspace,VTD,carla,sumo etc.

15. signal communication :UDP,TCP.

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