Why are all in the game pseudorandom , Can't make a real random ? I hope to have a simple explanation ?

I found something like LOL These games , The critical hit mechanism is pseudorandom , There are no critical hits in the front , The critical hit probability behind is very high . The glory of Kings is more obvious , Can be critical hit .

Because this can ensure that the overall probability is completely unchanged ,「 Extreme luck 」 and 「 Extreme bad luck 」 As few as possible , Reduce the luck of each player , Ensure the experience of both parties .

“ rob the rich and assist the poor ” of 「 Pseudorandom 」 The European emperor can speak more about the basic law , Let Fei Chieh have the most basic game experience .

If the game is played according to the real probability , The experience will only be worse , That's really disgusting. Remember once a year .( The answer is only for the analysis of the same probability value , Excluding the shipment of card drawing mobile games …)

for instance , To compare 20% Probability of , Distinguish use 「 True random 」 and 「 Pseudorandom 」 In case , yes 2 Different calculation modes .

It's really random 20% operation pattern : The probability of each occurrence is 20%, Calculate independently each time .

Pseudorandom 20% operation pattern : Section 1 The probability of occurrence is 5.6%, If it happens, press next time 1 lower 5.6% count , If it doesn't happen, the next probability +5.6%, For example, No 2 Below is 11.2%, If you don't hit it again, No 3 Below is 16.8%, and so on , Until it happens and returns to the 1 lower 5.6%. If the cumulative probability exceeds 100%, It is deemed to happen next time .

5.6% This number can be calculated by computer , It is enough to ensure that the probability of occurrence of the two modes is the same , I won't repeat this . Each probability has a numerical solution corresponding to the above values ( Just use the computer to calculate directly ok Yes , The simplest dichotomy works ).

Then look 20% Under two modes of probability 「 good luck 」 and 「 Bad luck 」 Distribution of .

Let's start with extreme luck :

20% Probability of good luck

continuity 2 Secondary trigger

continuity 3 Secondary trigger

continuity 4 Secondary trigger

True random








Can be found , In pseudo-random mode , The probability of extreme luck is greatly reduced .

Let's look at the probability of relatively bad luck :

20% Probability of bad luck

continuity 6 Times not triggered

continuity 12 Times not triggered

continuity 18 Times not triggered

True random







Completely impossible

If No 6 It hasn't happened since next week ,「 Pseudorandom 」 Will greatly improve the probability of occurrence , Ensure that players trigger it as soon as possible ; And No 18 The guaranteed minimum guarantee completely guarantees that it is no longer possible 18 Not at all .

「 True random 」 Is to continue to be independent . alike 20% probability , have 0.8% May trigger continuously 3 second , Again 1.8% The probability of 18 Not triggered every time …

in other words 20% Under the premise of extreme bad luck , If you try 100 Round 「 perpetual attack 18 second 」, There are mathematical expectations 1.8 A round will happen without triggering at all , This probability is really not very low …

Can be found 「 Pseudorandom 」 Under the premise of preserving randomness , than 「 True random 」 Ensure the game experience of both parties .

Use true random , Many game experiences will only get worse .

For example, for 《 Tetris 》, If you use true random , As long as you play enough , It's bound to encounter continuity 30 I can't stand the situation of erecting a stick , Sometimes I encounter 10 Inside out 6 Vertical rods … Which one is very painful .

And the war games are even more , such as 《DOTA2》 Inside PA This kind of hero with critical strike , Critical hit probability 15% If you use true random , Players' psychological expectations may be 6-7 One critical hit with knife , But actually continuous 32 There is also a probability that the knife will not critically hit 0.55%… Not to mention heroes like void , If you use true random , There must be many more than now 「 The other party hits you with a hammer in the void , You were directly killed by Mu Da with full blood 」 Situation of …

Any one of the above may be enough to make people sick enough to delete the game , Those with poor quality may want to talk to his mother, the game producer (x

Just a few simple examples , May not be so intuitive , It also involves 「 random 」 And people's psychological misunderstanding is 「 average 」 wait , It doesn't unfold here .

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