can-bus Bus

CAN Bus , Controller area network bus , It is a serial communication protocol bus for real-time applications .

CAN Bus Hoon Hoon ISO11898 standard ,11898 Standards can be subdivided into ISO11898-1/2/2, Different standards define different CAN physical layer , High speed CAN, Low speed fault tolerance CAN, Single line CAN3 class . The standard also defines CAN2.0A,CAN2.0B standard , The difference between the two specifications lies in the definition CAN frame ID Different digits ,CAN2.0 Frame specified in ID by 11 position ( Binary ),CAN2.0B Frame specified in ID by 29 position ( Binary ).

can bus protocol

1.CANopen agreement

Canopen Protocols are usually used in industrial control , Adopt master-slave mode , One CANopen master device , Control multiple below CANopen Slave station equipment , After the slave station receives the data sent to it by the master station , Execute corresponding instructions . The master station can also set parameters for other slave stations .

2.SAEJ1939 agreement

SAEJ1939 The protocol is mostly used for all nodes and ECU Communication of ,J1939 The agreement has gradually become a car CAN Standard protocol of bus communication .

3.Devicenet agreement

Devicenet Protocols are usually used for industrial equipment , Such as limit switch , Photoelectric sensor , Valve block , motor starter , Communication between process sensors .

PC-CAN Interface solution

The computer itself usually does not bring CAN Interface , So computers and CAN The network cannot be directly interconnected . You need to use the existing communication interface of the computer, such as PCI,USB, Network interface and other adaptations are converted to CAN-bus Interface , So we need to add one CAN Interface card , There are all kinds of can-usb,can- Network converter available .

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