Section 1 Chapter basic knowledge of hackers

With the rapid development of Internet technology , The security of the network world is constantly challenged . If you want to go online , Will inevitably encounter the intrusion of hackers . This chapter introduces some basic hacking knowledge for you , Some commands commonly used by hackers to uncover secrets , Of course, these trivial tricks are difficult to invade the heavily guarded network , But at least let beginners know about hackers “ Working conditions " Have a preliminary understanding .


Introduction to this chapter

1.1 Brief introduction to hackers

The earliest computers were 1946 Appeared at the University of Pennsylvania in , The earliest hackers appeared at MIT ( Bell labs also has ). The first hackers are usually senior technicians , They are passionate about challenges , Advocate freedom and share information .

1.1.1 The history of hackers

1994 Since , The rapid development of Internet in the world has provided convenience for people , Freedom and unlimited wealth , Politics , military , Economics , science and technology , education , Culture and other aspects are becoming more and more networked , And gradually become people's life , Part of entertainment . so to speak , The information age has arrived , Information has become the third resource besides material and energy to maintain human society , It is an important medium in future life . But with the popularization of computers and the rapid development of Internet technology , Hackers also appeared .


1.1.2 The origin of hackers

“ hacker ” The word is written in English "Hacker" English translation refers to specialized research , Computer enthusiasts who discover computer and network vulnerabilities , They grow with the development of computers and networks . Hackers have a fanatical interest in computers and persistent pursuit

seek , They constantly study computer and network knowledge , Discover vulnerabilities in computers and networks , Like to challenge difficult network systems and find vulnerabilities , Then propose solutions and fixes to the administrator .

The emergence of hackers has promoted the development and improvement of computers and networks . What they did was not malicious destruction , They are a group of heroes who roam the Internet , Pursue sharing , free , Advocate freedom , equality . The existence of hackers is due to the imperfection of computer technology , In a sense , Computer security needs more hackers to maintain . Here we borrow the webmaster of hacker hero myhk A sentence of :“ The significance of hackers' existence is to make the network more and more secure and perfect ".

But today , The word "hacker" has been used as a spokesword for those who specifically use computers to destroy or invade others' computers , The correct name for these people should be Cracker, Someone also translated it into “ Hacker ”, It is precisely because of the presence of these people that hackers have been tarnished ” One word , Make people mix hackers and hackers , Mistakenly believe that hackers are also those who destroy the network . According to the founder of the open source program EricRaymond( Erik Raymond ) Explanation of ,Hacker And Cracker Are ethnic groups belonging to two different worlds , The basic difference is ,Hacker It is constructive , and Cracker They specialize in sabotage .

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