<> one , Experimental purpose

Capture and analyze Ethernet data frames , Master the working principle of the switch .

<> two , Experimental hours and environment

* Experimental hours :2
* operating system :Windows
* Experimental software :WireShark,Packet Tracer
* Experimental equipment :PC machine , Hub , Switch , Router
<> three , Experiment contents and requirements :

* Set up an experiment PC machine , Make LAN work normally
* use WireShark Capture and analyze Ethernet frames in the network .
* Connect each host with a switch , see MAC Address learning process and MAC Frame forwarding process .
<> four , Experimental steps

<> task 1 use WireShark Software views Ethernet frames in real network environment .

(1) use ipconfig /all Command to view your own host's IP address ,MAC address , Default gateway .
IP Address is ( ),MAC Address is (E4-54-E8-CE-4D-D6), The default gateway is ( ).
(2) open WireShark Software , set up filter by icmp, Click capture button , Start capturing bags .
(3) In the command line window , implement ping x.x.x.x -n
1 command (x.x.x.x It's from another host IP address ). here ,WireShark The software captures the data frames that its host communicates with other hosts .
(4) return WireShark Software , Click the stop capture button , Stop capturing packets .
stay WireShark Find the data frame that your host communicates with other hosts in the frame list of .( screenshot )
Ping own ip address :

Ping Connect to other hosts :

Data exchange with other hosts :

Observe the frames sent by your host to other hosts , objective MAC Address is ( e4:54:e8:ce:4c:15 ), yes ( other party
) of MAC address ; source MAC Address is (e4:54:e8:ce:4d:d6 ), yes ( own ) of MAC address ; Frame type is ( IPv4 ), Represents ( use IPv4 agreement ).

<> task 2 stay Packet Tracer The medium-sized switch connects each host , see MAC Address learning process .

(1) Connect four hosts with a switch ( The host is recorded as PC0,PC1,PC2,PC3), And configure IP address .
(2) View the of each host MAC address .
View to MAC Address is
PC0:(0009.7C93.E9DA ),PC1:( 00E0.F9A6.D47D ),PC2:( 0001.64C3.3D3C ),PC3:(
000C.CF21.6C3E )
(3) When the host does not use the switch for data transmission , Use on switch show mac-address-table Command view MAC Address table . Observe whether the contents of the table are empty ?
: Empty

(4) stay PC0 upper ping PC1, Use on switch show mac-address-table Command view MAC Address table . Observe how the contents of the table will change ?

(5) stay PC2 upper ping PC3, Use on switch show mac-address-table Command view MAC Address table . What are the changes in the contents of the observation table ?

(6) Please combine your own operation and observation , Answer the following questions :MAC How are the records in the address table generated ?MAC What is the function of address table ?

(1) stay ping Connect with others pc1 Hour , Transmit packets , Extract source mac address , Will source mac Address and its corresponding interface record , Send frames from all other ports ( Remove source pc), take pc2 objective mac’ Associated with the corresponding interface , Frame from
pc2 Send out the corresponding interface .

(2)MAC The address table will pc end mac Address corresponds to interface , When pc When sending packets , Can be in mac Find the purpose in the address table mac Address corresponding interface , If not found , Broadcast transmission , Waiting for acceptance purpose pc Response of , If found , According to the purpose mac Send directly to the corresponding interface .

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