Recently, a little partner wechat told me , A new company , All required by the technical team Eclipse development , Technical director is not allowed to use IntelliJ
IDEA, Not even paying , Said he wanted to leave , Ask me what to do .

When I first heard about it , I fully understand the decision of the technical director of the company , Although I have never been a technical director , But in this case , I have deep feelings , Because I have similar experience , I also told him my opinion , He finally expressed his understanding .

Let's make a rough measurement based on my experience , The current situation is , Some newcomers are basically the same IntelliJ IDEA, Mostly used by the elderly Eclipse, Some even use both .

that , I think from the perspective of technical director , Why should they ban it IntelliJ IDEA And ? Not even paying ?

Why doesn't the company use it ?

I think there are the following points !

1, Copyright issues

This is forbidden IntelliJ IDEA The most important reason , Because there are too many pirates now , Using piracy will inevitably bring legal risks to the company .

There is no airtight wall in the world , Once the company uses piracy, it will be targeted , I'm afraid the punishment is not as simple as buying a genuine copy , The reputation of the company will be affected , I've seen many lawyers send letters for using pirated software .

2, safety problem

Companies that are more formal cannot use pirated software , You can't download software of unknown origin without permission , I don't know what virus is in it , Let the company go bankrupt .

So many key technology products , Most of the genuine products purchased by the company , There is no back door security problem in the genuine version , Can also get continuous and stable support .

3, Efficiency issues

use IntelliJ IDEA
To improve development efficiency , But it needs to be activated if you can't move , Pop up the dialog box that needs to be activated , Work can't continue , waste time , Seriously affect efficiency , This is what technology managers don't want to see .

You're still looking for activation codes all over the world ? Permanent , Forget it ! Don't pay IQ tax ……

4, Collaboration issues

I also have a say in this , I worked in some companies , A unified code annotation template must be used , Formatted Template , If different development tools are used, it is difficult to achieve standardization and unification , Even a simple format will cause the code to change completely .

although IntelliJ IDEA have access to Eclipse Shortcut key , But other configurations are similar to Eclipse Is quite different , Inconsistent tools , There are bound to be problems in teamwork .

about IntelliJ IDEA Configuration of , It's really difficult , I also studied for a long time .

Why can't the paid version ?

The paid version refers to the paid version , Take a look Jetbrans Description of personal license on the official website :

A Personal license is an option for private individuals who purchase a license
with their own funds, and solely for their own use. Personal licenses are not
to be purchased, refunded or in any way financed by companies.

It is clearly stated here that the personal paid version can only be purchased and used by individuals , The company cannot purchase in any form , refund , Or sponsor personal version .

The following is a description of the business license :

A Commercial license is the standard licensing option for organizations and
business entities. Licenses are purchased by the company and can be used by any
single person within this organization.

put in plain language , For commercial use, you must purchase the enterprise version , It can only be allocated for personal use within the enterprise , Other non-commercial licenses are subject to legal risks .

therefore , If you are the technical director of a company , Or hold shares of the company at the same time , Is one of the partners of the company , Will you bear the legal risk of using piracy ?

Why not buy a business license ?

Then you may ask , Why don't companies buy enterprise versions directly for developers ?

Let's look at the cost of enterprise license :

The payment scheme is per user / Calculated annually , Press 3 Annual purchase , First year needs 499 dollar , next year 399 dollar , Beginning of the third year 299 dollar .

We take one 10 Human development team to calculate how much it will cost each year :

First year :

The second year :

From the third year :

About the first year 34,356 element , Second, probably spend 27,451 element , From the beginning of the third year, only 20586 element , As the number of people increases, the cost of paying becomes more and more .

This money is really nothing for a profitable company , But for those start-ups who worry about financing all day , It becomes more important to increase revenue and reduce expenditure , Ren Zhengfei said , Huawei's strategy is just : live on !

So , From the perspective of the company , If you can use open source, use open source , After all, managers don't have to think about so many problems , although IntelliJ IDEA It can really improve efficiency , But use it well Eclipse
It may not affect the progress .

If your company buys an enterprise license for you , Then be lucky !


Today, the head of the stack summarized why some companies don't use it IntelliJ IDEA, Not even those who pay , And why companies do not purchase business licenses .

Go back to the question that little friend asked me , My conclusion is :

Since the technical director of the company has developed a unified development tool , out of commission IntelliJ
IDEA, Then you can only abide by the rules , The rules are for everyone , Not for whom , But no one can play special , Right ? Unless you don't want to !

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