2022 Spring recruit is coming , Many students will ask Java Is it necessary to recite eight part essay for interview ?

My answer is : be quite necessary . You can hate this pattern , But you must recite it , Because you can't enter the big factory without reciting it .

Domestic Internet interview , I'm afraid it's existing , The system closest to the imperial examination .

and , Chinese eight part essay is indeed unique . Take the United States as an example , North American engineers pay more attention to algorithm in interview (Coding), Will also join in recent years Design round ( System design and object-oriented design OOD) and BQ round (Behavioral
question, Behavioral interview questions ).

So why doesn't the domestic interview adopt such an inspection method ? Simply put , internet IT There are too many job seekers in the industry , If you are looking at all kinds of algorithm problems and design problems , Then the interviewer will be required to have a very high technical level , It also takes a lot of time, cost and energy .

Perhaps the current eight part essay interview is not the optimal solution , But it is indeed the most consistent with the current domestic IT Environmental practices .

therefore , I interviewed more than 20 After interviewers from senior manufacturers , Has been trying to refine and accurately sort out a set of practical eight part essay , There are already 229 Fans got into the ideal position through this set of questions , Take that out and show it to everyone , What are the deficiencies? Welcome to add .

Outline of interview manual

If it's too basic, the landlord won't show it to you , Basic metropolis , We directly from JVM Open dry ! The article is limited in length , Only part of the content is shown for you . If you need a full version of the interview questions, please support me , return “Java interview ” You can get it


Multithreading , High concurrency









A little summary !

This ant suit + sound of dripping water + Meituan + Pinduoduo + tencent 15 Ten thousand words Java The interview questions can be said to be the essence summary of many bosses , It is a rare learning resource , The landlord is not stingy , If you need a full version of the interview questions, please support me .

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