<> Verification Code

<>1, What is the verification code :

Refers to a kind of randomly generated information ( number , letter , chinese characters , picture , problem in arithmetic ) In order to prevent malicious request behavior , Increase application security

Registration or login is also required in the automation process , So we need to process the verification

<>2, Verification code processing method :

Remove the verification code

Operated by development , Used in test environment

This is the simplest way , For developers , Just comment out the relevant code of the verification code , If it is in the test environment , This will save the testers a lot of trouble , If the automated script is to run in a formal environment , This brings certain risks to the system .

Set universal verification code

Operated by development , Generally, it is only used in the test environment

Verification code recognition technology

Due to the high technical difficulty , Recognition rate is difficult to achieve 100%, It is generally not recommended to use records COOKIE Through record cookie To skip the login operation

Can pass add_cookie() Method to write the user name and password to the browser cookie, When you visit the website again, the server reads the browser directly Cookie Sign in


1,Cookie principle

Cookie By Web Server generated , And a small text file saved on the user's browser , It can contain user related information

Cookie data format : Key value pair composition (python Dictionary in )

Cookie produce :

Client request server , If the server needs to record the user status , Just issue one to the client browser Cookie data

Cookie use :

When the browser requests the website again , The browser combines the requested data with Cookie Submit the data to the server together , Server check Cookie, To identify user status

2,Selenium operation cookie

driver.get_cookie(name) Get the cookie information , A dictionary is returned

driver.get_cookies() Get all cookie Information for , A list is returned

driver.add_cookie(dict_cookie) Add to browser driver cookie,dict_cookie It's a dictionary

Take Baidu as an example

BDUSS It is the only identity certificate after logging into Baidu (*.baidu.com), Get BDUSS It's equivalent to taking control of the account , Pass Post Bar , know , Encyclopedias , library , space , Baidu cloud and other major Baidu products .

Sign in baidu, Crawl after successful login (BDUSS)

use add_cookie() method , add to () Keys and values

Call refresh method driver.refresh()

How to get BDUSS Value of ?( Packet capturing implementation )

adopt fiddler After tool grabbing , obtain BDUSS

If the bag capturing tool is inconvenient , You can search through the browser cookie information

click chrome Browser settings

Enter in the settings search cookie

View all cookie And website data

Search Baidu domain name :baidu.com

obtain BDUSS

code implementation

After refresh , Result display

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