1. Click create new virtual machine , The new virtual machine wizard interface appears , Select custom ( senior ), Click Next

2. Hardware compatibility selection Workstation 15.x, Click Next  


 3. Choose to install the system later , Click Next

4. Client operating system selection Linux, Version selection CentOS 7 64 position , Click Next

5. Modify virtual machine name , Select installation location , Click Next   

 6. Processor configuration , choice 2 Processors , Quantity selection 2 Cores , Click Next

7. Configure the memory of the virtual machine , choice 2G that will do , Click Next

8. Network connection choose to use network address translation , Click Next  

9. choice I/O controller , Use recommended LSI Logic, Click Next

10. Virtual disk type , choice SCSI, Click Next

 11. Select disk , Click create new virtual disk , Click Next

12. Specify disk capacity , Size is 60G, Select a virtual disk to store as a single file , Click Next


13. Specify the disk file name and location , Click Next

14. Select custom hard disk  


 15. Connection selection and use ISO Image file , choice CentOS7 File for


16. Virtualization engine check virtualization Inter VT-x/EPT or AMD-V/RVI(V)


17. Click to start this virtual machine  


 18. Preparing for installation CentOS7 image , choice Install CentOS7, click enter key


 19. Select Chinese , Click continue

20. Click software installation

21. Basic environment selection GNOME desktop , Click development tools  


 22. Additional storage options in the installation location , Select the partition I want to configure , Click Finish

 23. Equipment type selection standard partition , System options add /boot 500MB,/ 56.58G,swap 3000M

 24. Enter separately ROOT Password and create user page

 25. set up ROOT password

 26. Create user , Enter user name and password

 27. After installation , Click restart option

 28. Click to complete the configuration , That is, the virtual machine installation is completed


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