<> Example 3 -Reaver run pin Code cracking wifi

<>PIN Codes are divided into 8 position , Press 4 3 1 subsection , A total of 11000 Species combination . Obtained by PIN code , And remember Bssid and PIN, Later, the wireless password can be revealed through a command .

<> Easy problems : connection timed out , get stuck , Route self-protection, etc

<> And examples 1 Start the network card first :

<> sniffer mode

<> see MB Is there anything that can be cracked WiFi
airodump-ng wlan0mon

<>MB yes 54e. Can be cracked ,54e Unbreakable . I didn't show this , But I tried to run , Still own 701;

<> Start cracking run PIN
reaver -i wlan0mon -b DC:72:9B:9B:65:F4 -vv

Finally, we can get wifi of PIN Code and password , Write them down . If wifi The owner changes the password after a period of time ( Generally speaking, it will not be changed PIN code ), Just add -p command ,WiFi The password can be broken ;
reaver -i wlan0mon -b MAC address -p PIN code
<> This method is affected by signal strength and WPS Protection mechanism and other impacts , Cracking takes a long time , Easy connection timeout .

<> Example 4 -Mdk3 Wireless attack

<>1> forge AP attack

Wireless hackers create a lot of fake AP Base station signal to interfere with normal wireless communication . have access to mdk3 This tool is practical , Transmit forged through wireless network card AP signal , You can also set fake ones as needed AP Working channel of , General bit jamming target AP Same channel of .
mdk3 wlan0mon b -g -c 6 -h 7 ݇b For forgery AP Mode used when ; g Counterfeit offer 54M Namely meet 802.11g Standard wireless network ; c
Wireless working channel for , No more than 13 that will do ; h Used to improve attack efficiency , Only valid for individual wireless devices ;
<> You can see several disturbing AP Attack signal , No response when clicking , Unable to access the Internet .

<>2>SSID Wireless interference

<> For wireless access points that work normally on a channel , In addition to sending the same channel , You can also send the same SSID Wireless data traffic signal to disrupt the link AP The normal operation of the infinite client of .
mdk3 wlan0mon b -n zcc -g -c 6 n Is to use the specified SSID Instead of randomly generated SSID
<>3> Identity authentication attack ( Flood attack )
mdk3 wlan0mon a -a 48:FD:A3:F0:BB:98 48:FD:A3:F0:BB:98 It's my connection WiFi Your phone mac address

<> The target mobile phone can't be connected to the network successfully

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