<> user management

1. newly added :adduser name
2. password :passwd name
3: delete user :userdel name

Wrote a simple code
nano It's just a notepad , Exit is ctrl x


which ls
View the path of a specific instruction


View time


Show calendar


find -name
Find specific files ,


Packaging and compression
grammar :zip Compressed file .zip Directory or file
function : Package directories or files into zip format
-r Is recursive processing

take test Directory compression zip test.zip test/*
Compress to tmp In the catalogue ,

Compress ordinary files

Compressed directory
Extract directory

unzip -d Can be assigned to a specific path
Unzip to home Under the directory


pack / compress , Don't open him , Read the content directly

-c Create a compressed file (creat)
-z Whether to compress it
-f Followed by file name
-v Decompression process display file
-x decompression
-C Extract to a specific path


Packaging and compression

: Packing is to put the size together
Compression is to reduce space


linux It acts as a calculator

Command Line Interpreter ( as windows Graphical interface system based on )
bash yes shell There is a specific user shell

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