Python and Java Choose one from two. What should I learn ?

Some netizens said Python and Java Choose one to learn , Now I'm confused about which to choose . I don't know what prospects these two languages have ?

choose java, choose java, choose java!!!

Don't listen to what some people say python Artificial intelligence machine learning , Is the future development balabala of .

python For AI engineers , At most, it is equivalent to a screwdriver and a repairman , Understand , Just a tool , And it is one of the tools . The employment requirements are also relatively simple ,985211 master . It's hard to get employment if you can't reach it .

python Do data capture as above

python Operation and maintenance , We also need to learn about operation and maintenance , If you don't want to go to O & M, you should ignore it

python Test , Same as operation and maintenance

The other two directions are web Development and crawler . Crawler requires solid front-end skills , You have to be proficient in all kinds of anti pickpockets . That's all that's left web Yes .

python do web Big cities are fine , Once you get to the second tier city , be a fool to java.

also , learn java Go to school python It's simple , learn python Studying java It's hard

Don't ask why ,, Because I am python-c#-java of

In fact, learning both is the right choice . Each language has different adaptation scenarios , And there is enough time in school for you to study slowly , If there must be only one choice , Then choose Java, Then self-study Python.

The other is the expansion of the problem , When you are not a  CS Professional students , When there is not much free time , What should you choose ?

1. Please think deeply about your learning purpose

Do not consider your own purpose , Simple entry difficulty , Consider learning rewards , It's actually quite inappropriate behavior . Let's look at other answers , Especially involving  Python Contents of training , brief explanation  Python It's easy to get started and quick to use , Never consider your real needs , This kind is to earn money and get angry , Improper , Quite inappropriate . I want to learn reptiles , You push me Python, I want to learn Android Development , You have to push me too  Python, Didn't you hurt me ?

The salesmen have  KPI limit , Not entirely from your own needs , So you must be clear about your needs .

What does learning these two languages mean to you ?

Practice , Know something  IT technology , Exercise ? Please feel free to speak two languages .

Master a tool , Do some assistance to your current work ?Python Is the best choice .

Make data , do AI, Make the whole stack , Be a real programmer ? Both languages can meet , For data Python More .

To do projects with high performance requirements or companies with serious technical liabilities ? Who recommended Python Please blow his dog's head out ! Of course, companies with serious technical liabilities had better not go .

2. How high learning cost can you pay ?

If you have enough time , Then you just need to choose the language according to your own needs and even play it “ Children make choices , Adults want it all ”. But it's a pity , Adults just want to , It's all too expensive .

In the final analysis , The learning curve of these two languages is different . Embodied in the introduction ,Python Your grammar is better than Java Much friendlier , It is also much easier to get started . If you only have a few months , Even only two hours after work , Please give up the first thought , Direct selection Python. If you have enough patience , Willing to pay a year or even twoorthree years to learn , that Java It's also a pretty good choice .

Python The characteristic of language is that the threshold of language itself will not be too high , The cutting index of the module is very high , The tools used can be used and learned at any time , Data maker ,Pandas,Numpy Just learn something like that , No one forced you to learn Django.Java It is characterized by a certain threshold of entry for its own language , But the ideas and ideas we come into contact with in this introductory learning are very valuable .

3. What is your plan for this language ?

This actually coincides with the purpose , But it's not exactly the same . Think before you study , What are your expectations for this language ?

Half a month introduction , Annual salary of 500000 ? You wait for me to call , See if Yang Yongxin accepts you .

Study for three months , Monthly salary of 123000 ? No experience , no cs birth , Hard hard .

Study for four to five months , Forget to eat and sleep to get started , It doesn't matter if the salary rises slowly ?Python, More directions, faster entry , The number of posts is OK , But not at all Java.

Study for one year , Even take a postgraduate examination , The wage requirement is not high, only for employment ?Java, It's no exaggeration to rank first in the number of posts , It's no exaggeration to cover three lines from one line ? Of course, the competition is also big . But that's what you learned , Can't you still do those four month training ?

Study for three, four, five or even more years , Run IT The great God is gone , Let me tell you ? You know how to learn by yourself .

4. Can learning a language really change your life ?

unfortunately , No . I understand that many people are brainwashed by the propaganda of training institutions , I think learning a programming technology can make millions of salt fish a year , Lie on your old money all your life and have no worries about eating and drinking .

But this is a dream . Learn a language , In Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, it's not difficult to have tens of thousands of people every month , There are tens of thousands of places, which is not difficult , If you want more than 20000, you can cheat , Or have a resume . 30000 to 50000 , It is basically the peak that ordinary people can reach , You have to fight for many years . Up again , One life, two fortunes, three Feng Shui, four accumulation, Yin virtue, five reading , Anyway, I don't believe hee hee .

I studied before , There were also some unrealistic fantasies , After what BAT,P6,7,8 Skip level , Casually 100W, Retire after ten years . It's been so long now , I also want to understand , A few more years of struggle , Thirty or fifty thousand is enough , I can really touch more than 50000. I thank God , Even if you can't touch it .

It's not language but habits that can change your life , Ten years of study , promote , struggle , There will always be a turning point .

If you are a child from an ordinary family , I just want to earn money by working hard in this industry , This industry will not treat you badly , There is as much money as there is ability , There are clear expectations for income . Hoping to live a comfortable life as a salted fish , I'm sorry , Programmers have no easy days , Those enterprises will not raise salted fish .

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