Record the whole process of my stupidity
If you encounter this problem, please do not doubt , To compare your two track files , There must be something wrong !!!!!
Here are the timestamps of the two tracks except the first one , Who would have thought 739 None of the data is the same TAT

<> Problem description

An alignment failure was encountered while evaluating the trajectory , No missing data , Correct file format

<> Resolution process

stay evo–core Under folder Error reporting location found in file ,61 that 's ok SVD relevant

One way output to find back ( I really don't Debug TAT), Found that the position_xyz The size and number of arrays are not correct .
The array read from a track file should be a very large data , But the array corresponding to this track has only one row of three data .

In the main function of the tool , Medium run In function , At output from parser When reading data in , Find the track in my good file ???? Why 1 Position and posture ,0m The track of ????
When the track information is read out to input for the first time ape Read out the track information before alignment and calculation in the main body , that is 228,229 Output sum of row plus 246,247 Output added by row


Okay, sure , stay 232 reach 244 Something strange happened in the process bug...
After that, it was found that the error occurred in 240 that 's ok , When two curves are synchronized
Curve synchronization is mainly aligned by time stamp , Align after outputting the same number of timestamps , Of course, at this time, it is found that the same number of timestamps output is 0
At this time, I feel a little wrong ...
When I open the file of two tracks , Randomly found several timestamps , They are different !!!739 Multiple pieces of data , None of them are right !!!

<> result

The precision of the project timestamp was changed during previous debugging , Re evaluate with new trajectory after modification , Problem solving .

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