Now the major of computer in university is a major recognized by most students , Whether studying computer or other majors , Are interested in taking a computer certificate , So we want to know how many scores we can pass the computer level-1 exam . The following is compiled by the study abroad website “ How many scores did you pass the computer level 1 exam ”, For reference only , Welcome to read .

How many scores did you pass the computer level 1 exam

Full score of computer level I examination 100 branch , Notify the candidates of their grades in the form of grades . Grade is divided into “ excellent ”,“ good ”,“ pass ”,“ fail, ” Fourth class . among ,100-90 Divided into “ excellent ”,89-80 Divided into “ good ”,79-60 Divided into “ pass ”,59-0 Divided into “ fail, ”.

therefore , examination 60 Points and above are considered as qualified , And get a certificate .

Excellent examination results , Indicate on the certificate “ excellent ” word ; Those with good test scores , Indicate on the certificate “ good ” word ; Those who pass the examination , Indicate on the certificate “ qualified ” word .

Extended reading : Introduction to computer test preparation

The first is to find teaching materials . Most colleges and universities now offer computer courses in their freshman year , Generally, I can learn Office and Access Basic contents of database . For students who learn quickly , Basically follow the teacher , The final exam is around 70-80 , Then it will be easy to pass the computer level II exam . For students with average learning ability , Set aside time to review before the exam , You can go to the library to find books for examinations , You can also find it on the Internet . Be sure to find a question bank to practice , Because the questions are drawn from the question bank , You may not read the book , Question bank must be practiced .

After finding the book and question bank, you can start to prepare for review . The review is divided into two parts , The theory and operation part . For the theory part, you need to read a book and do some exercises , There is no need to read the book carefully for those who have a foundation , Just skim through the content , Or focus on practice questions . Students who have no foundation should pay more time , At least go through the textbook first , Make clear the most basic knowledge before doing the problem , If you don't understand it during this period, you must check it , Until you understand . Whether you have a foundation or not , We should have a clear understanding of the content before we do the questions , It is unwise to pass the exam by thinking only about the answers , After all, the sea of questions is boundless , The probability of picking the topic you recited is still very small .

For the operation part, you need to download an operation problem simulation software on the Internet , Generally, there is a website attached to the book , You can pay attention . When practicing operation problems , Generally, you should read the contents of the textbook first , The book will specify how to operate each step in detail . When operating independently , Don't be afraid to make mistakes , And don't hurry to see what to do in the reference book . Insist on practicing a complete set of questions independently , See how many points the system gives you , Let's see what's wrong with you , Then correct it slowly . Through reading and practicing for a long time , You've been able to finish a whole set of questions very well . The last thing you need to do is actually take the computer test in the examination room , unhurried , Answer the question calmly . Better not leave blank , Don't doubt your ability , He is too nervous to play his due level . You just have to believe that your usual accumulation will be fully used by you at this moment ...

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