source ~/vfusion/devel/setup.bash roslaunch vins vins_rviz.launch source
~/vfusion/devel/setup.bash rosrun loop_fusion loop_fusion_node
~/vfusion/src/VINS-Fusion/kitti_odom/kitti_config00-02.yaml source
~/vfusion/devel/setup.bash rosrun vins kitti_odom_test

VINS-Fusion of config Folder support kitti
stereo+gps Only 09-30 and 10-03 Data set for , Pay attention when downloading datasets , Lower corrected dataset .

modify .yaml Storage path in file

modify kitti-gps-test Storage format of result file in , Remove the last space from each line , otherwise evo Inconsistent reporting format during evaluation

Open three terminal
source ~/vfusion/devel/setup.bash roslaunch vins vins_rviz.launch source
~/vfusion/devel/setup.bash rosrun vins kitti_gps_test
~/dataset/kitti/sync/2011_09_30_drive_0027_sync/ source
~/vfusion/devel/setup.bash rosrun global_fusion global_fusion_node
./Examples/Stereo-Inertial/stereo_inertial_kitti ./Vocabulary/ORBvoc.txt
./Examples/Stereo-Inertial/KITTI05-10.yaml ../slam_data/kitti/sequences/07

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