21 year 7 month 8 This morning is my first contact python This language , about python I didn't know much about this language before , Or almost zero . Because we didn't take the exam before python, So I didn't want to take the initiative to learn it .

But when I listen to the teacher , First I found out python This language is relative to what we learned before C In terms of language ,python Code programming seems more concise , More stringent requirements for symbols and spaces . The meaning may be different when you write in the top space or when you write in a few empty spaces . In short ,python More formal and concise format for writing . secondly , I feel python The thought of this language and C The language is very similar , Studied C Learn the language later python It's easy to get started with the basics of . But I feel like learning python The most important point is to knock more than once because we have learned C You will find that most of these codes can be understood at a glance , But when you knock it yourself, it may become garbled . because python The requirements for format and symbols are higher, so it is inevitable to ignore many details or habitually C Some standards of , So that an error occurs .

I learned a lot from my first day of study. I basically learned python Basic usage of , If you can python Operation of files and desktop files , stay python Write some simple code in the file .

The second day's study is mainly based on review and observation python Examples , In the morning, take an hour or so to consolidate the knowledge learned the day before. By the way python List of knowledge not learned and learning direction . After that, I began to practice exercises , To tell you the truth, I couldn't write a single question when I first read the example , If there is no source code, there will be nothing . It is obvious that the exercise training after that has become an example reference . In fact, after reading the source code, you will find that the code is very clever and short . however , To tell you the truth, even after reading the source code, I feel I can't write it correctly for the time being .

To sum up , After two days' study, I feel that the current problem is still to write the code correctly , And poor command of code writing format .

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