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The widget is initialized with the current month and year , but QCalendarWidget Several common slots are provided to change the year and month displayed .
By default , Select today's date , The user can use the mouse and keyboard to select the date . have access to selectedDate() Function to retrieve the currently selected date . By setting
minimumDate and maximumDate attribute , User selection can be limited to a given date range . perhaps , have access to setDateRange()
The convenience slot sets these two attributes at once . take selectionMode Property set to NoSelection To completely disable user selection . Please note that , You can also use
setSelectedDate() Slot selects date programmatically .
The currently displayed month and year can be used separately monthShown() and yearShown() Function retrieval .
The newly created calendar widget uses an abbreviated date name , Saturday and Sunday are marked in red . Calendar grid not visible . Show weeks , First column day Is the first day of the week in the calendar locale .
By placing Horizo​​ntalHeaderFormat Property set to
QCalendarWidget::SingleLetterDayNames, You can change the representation of dates to single letter abbreviations (“M” express “Monday”). Set the same property to
QCalendarWidget::LongDayNames Causes the title to display the full date name . You can verticalHeaderFor

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