A programmer is in the process of applying for a job , When you meet a salary negotiator, you become angry HR, And say “ I guess you've been a programmer all your life ” In that case .

From this tester and HR In the chat content of , We can see the salary negotiation process between the two .

first ,HR Out 15k Salary of , The tester said it was too low , No .HR Means in addition to salary , There will also be one-time rewards and later shares based on work contribution .

After the tester has made it clear that the shares are not considered , Only after the salary ,HR Explain that the company is not a small company without strength , But they don't paint cakes for employees , Will only tell employees the results of their efforts .

The ability of this tester may be favored by the company ,HR Indicates if programmer Technology OK, Have confidence in doing things , You can apply to the boss , Adjust salary to 16k, Concurrent weighing , What can you do without confidence ?

But programmers don't add 1k Salary and excitement , And say that a programmer of his level , Less than 20k It's not available , That's right HR When talking about salary, I still have to apply to the boss .

behind HR Even talking about the system , express 20k It's impossible , can only 16k. And said the company doesn't deduct taxes .

Company tax deduction is unreliable , Bluntly “ Large companies do not deduct taxes ?” last ,HR See programmers or not , Actually started “ education ” programmer .

“ I'm sure you're good at it B, But if you still treat your work with this attitude , Treatment of Companies , I guess you've been a programmer all your life .

This is the advice my brother gave you , Brother, I cherish talents . Can be friends or even colleagues , No fate , Can delete each other

When Cheng sun comes out , Netizens all quarreled .

Some netizens said they didn't need to talk to such HR debate ,HR A little too much .

Some people HR take up the cudgels for the injured party , say HR Is trying to stay , It's just a little wrong .

More people are right HR give voice “ I guess you've been a programmer all your life ” Express dissatisfaction , What happened to being a programmer all my life , Make money and grow , Bigan HR Much better ! also 16k 's salary is really too low for programmers
In my opinion , This name HR Not only is it not professional enough , It's also easy to show up in front of programmers , Ask the boss for salary adjustment , The company doesn't have to pay taxes , A job seeker can tell the difference , Not to mention in front of programmers .

in addition , Since it's not a small company , flower 20k Recruit a programmer , No loss ? And there is a probation period for investigation . of course ,HR It is common to retain interviewers , But don't just eat the cake , That's the same sentence , Job hunting is a two-way street , No moral kidnapping .

The new year is coming flag When , Your goal this year is to win the big factory offer? How much is the annual salary ? In fact, these are inseparable from the cumulative process .

For this reason, I specially compiled a ( Ultra detailed notes / Interview questions ) It covers almost all software testing technology stacks , Very precious , One for each person Liver ends up in Dachang Proper !

Considering that there are too many contents in this set of notes manual (1734 page ), It consists of 16 parts , Full of dry goods Without any moisture ! In order not to affect the viewing effect of everyone, only a part of it is shown .

<> Network wide launch - cover 16 Technology stacks

Part I , Testing theory ( Test basis + requirement analysis + test model + test plan + Test strategy + Test cases, etc )
Part II ,Linux( Linux Basics +Linux Exercises )
Part III ,MySQL( Basic knowledge + Query exercise + Summary of classic interview questions of ten thousand year student table + True topic of Database Enterprise )
Part IV ,Web test
Part V ,API test
Part VI ,App test
Part VII , management tool
Part VIII ,Python Basics (Python Basics + Programming problems + aggregate + function +Python Features, etc )
Part IX ,Selenium relevant
Part X , performance testing
Part XI ,LordRunner relevant
Part XII , computer network
section thirteen , Composition principle
Part XIV , Data structure and algorithm
Part XV , Logic problems
Part XVI , human resources
notes : Limited space , Archived ( Friends in need can get it by themselves at the end of the article !)

Part I : Testing theory

<> Part II : Linux Basics

<> Part III :MySQL Basics

<> Part IV :Web test

<> Part V : Interface test

<> Part VI : App test

What is? Android Four components ?

Android The four components of include :Activity,Service,BroadcasReceiver,ContentProvider

Due to too much content , If not, I will not list all the knowledge points , I hope the above can help you , I hope everyone can find a suitable job , Leave no regrets !

<> Document acquisition method :

This document , For those who want to engage in 【 software test 】 It should be the most comprehensive and complete war preparation warehouse for our friends , This warehouse also accompanied me through the most difficult journey , Hope it can help you ! You can get it for free by joining our exchange group below , Hope to help you …

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