1, Environmental tools


        Homebrew conduct python Package management outside , as git,mysql Installation and deployment of .

        Anaconda install jupyter notebook,python3.9 And expansion module .

        PyCharm CE Engineering coding and commissioning .

2, Environment architecture

         The whole structure diagram is very clear , I won't go into details here , There are many specific installation tutorials for each tool on the Internet , Here is a brief description of how I applied it .

        1) use jupyter  notebook Learning , You can follow the learning materials line by line for coding learning ;

        2) use PyCharm CE( GPl ) Perform engineering coding , After learning well, you can consider buying PyCharm Pro development tool ;

        3) use conda yes python Package for unified management ,jupyter  notebook and PyCharm CE Can be used together ;

        4) use Homebrew Unified management of other tools such as git,mysql etc. ,git You can PyCharm CE Works in github And other managed platforms for version management ;

        5) You can extend it later , Like joining jenkins Realize automatic deployment, etc ;

3, Concluding remarks

         It's actually very important to build your own exclusive development learning environment , Can have a complete process , Form a closed loop .

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