SpringBoot Framework is a powerful tool in development , It simplifies spring of xml Configuration of , Followed ” Contract greater than configuration “ Principle of , Use annotations to make default configuration for common configurations , Reduce use xml Configuration mode .SpringBoot Encapsulates a large number of starter, such as spring-boot-starter-web Will integrate springmvc And embedded tomcat.SpringBoot Encapsulates the default configuration at the bottom , Modify configuration in application.yml Global profile . Now in pom.xml References in documents starter You can use this framework , use perhaps application.yml Global configuration of the project .

        So here comes the question... , In the project SpringBoot How to help us automatically configure ? So let's talk about what's next SpringBoot Automatic configuration principle of .

one ,@SpringBootApplication

        @SpringBootApplication Is the core annotation
, This annotation is the whole SpringBoot Entry notes for the project , yes SpringBoot Notes necessary for the project .SpringBoot Main configuration class loaded when the project is started , Main startup class . This annotation controls SpringBoot The lifeblood of the auto configuration principle .

  Look at the picture ,HomeworkApplication As an entry class , There is one in the entry class main method ,main Method To start the entire application .
@SpringBootApplication Is a compound annotation , Go in and have a look .

Explain the above notes a little :

@Target: express @SpringBootApplication Where can this annotation be marked , Mark on class or method attribute
Mark on class Element.Type. such as :@Autowired Annotations can be marked on Methods , It can also be marked on the parameter , It can also be written on the attribute .

@Retention: Sets how the annotated class is retained

@Document:java doc Generates annotation information

@Inheried: Indicates whether this class is inherited

Then there are the more important 3 Comments :
1,@SpringBootConfiguration:SpringBoot Configuration class for , Marking this annotation on a class indicates that this is a SpringBoot Configuration class for .
Enable automatic configuration , Things to be configured in the project ,SpringBoot Will help us automatically configure ;@EnableAutoConfiguration tell SpringBoot Enable automatic configuration . So that the automatic configuration will take effect .
Enable package scanning , amount to spring in .xml In configuration <context:component-scan>, Not specified basepackage, If not specified ,spring The underlying layer will automatically scan the package of the current configuration class .
two , a key @EnableAutoConfiguration: Turn on automatic configuration       

        Click in @EnableAutoConfiguration annotation , It is found that this annotation is also a compound annotation . The most important of the direct @Import annotation ,  By importing
Medium selectImports() method . In method getCandidateConfigurations Medium pass
SpringFactoriesLoader.loadFactoryNames() Scan all with META-INF/spring.factories of jar package .
this jar The package contains all classes that need to be automatically configured .

selectImports() method

         adopt getCandidateConfigurations This method stores the configuration information in the form of a collection of return values .SpringFactoriesLoader.loadFactoryNames() scanning jar Bao Zai META-ING/spring.factory in .

stay META-INF There are spring.factory of jar package

  stay spring.factory There are many xxxAutoConfuguration Automatically configured for key, Stored in the form of key=value Add as to spring In container . The whole process is to "META-INF/spring.factories" All configured inside EnableAutoConfiguration Add the value of to the container .

  Summary :

        on the whole ,@EnableAutoConfiguration Annotation passed @SpringBootApplication Indirectly marked in Spring
Boot On the startup class of . stay Will be executed internally selectImports() method , Find all JavaConfig The fully qualified name of the auto configuration class corresponds to the class, Then load all autoconfiguration classes into Spring In container .

        Elaborate ,@Import(EnableAutoConfigurationImportSelector.class), With the help of
Can help SpringBoot Apply all eligible @Configuration All configurations are loaded into the current SpringBoot Created and used IOC container : adopt
@Import(AutoConfigurationImportSelector.class) Imported configuration features ,
AutoConfigurationImportSelector Methods in getCandidateConfigurations
, Get the to be configured class Class name collection for , This collection is all the classes that need to be automatically configured , adopt META-INF/spring.factories
Of xxxAutoconfiguration Know which classes need to be automatically configured .

Validation of relevant automatic configuration :

         The effectiveness of automatic configuration classes is conditional , The condition is embodied in some form of annotation . The following are common annotation conditions :
@ConditionalOnBean: When there is a specified bean Under the condition of .
@ConditionalOnMissingBean: When the specified bean Under the condition of . @ConditionalOnClass: When there is a specified class under the classpath .
@ConditionalOnMissingClass: When the specified class does not exist in the classpath .
@ConditionalOnProperty: Whether the specified property has the specified value , such as @ConditionalOnProperties(prefix=””,
matchIfMissing=true), Representative when by enable The Boolean value of the condition is true, If it is not set, it is also true.
    There are corresponding properties in the auto configuration class , adopt @xxxProperities To encapsulate the relevant attributes in the configuration file . Autoconfiguration class xxxAutoConfiguration The purpose is to add components, etc. to the container .

We can answer this in the interview :

SpringBoot There is a note @SpringBootApplication, Is a compound or derived annotation . When SpringBoot call run Method ,SpringBoot Will pass @EnableAutoConfiguration Annotation finding method
Find all collections that require automatic configuration classes , with List Collection return , Auto configuration classes are stored in META-INF/spring.factories In the configuration file , File with AutoConfiguration Named ending direction spring Add components to container , By Properties Get the properties configured in the global configuration file from the end named class .XxxxProperties and @ConfigurationProperties The annotation is bound to the corresponding attribute in the global configuration file , So we have a global configuration file in the project application.yml Can be modified in server.port
:8081 wait .

This is it. SpringBoot Automatic configuration principle of .

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