Web front end -HTML

* HTML effect : Responsible for setting up page structure and content ( Build a house )
* study HTML The main learning is which labels

Text related labels

* h1-h6 Text title , characteristic : Exclusive row , With up-down spacing , Bold font
* p Paragraph label , characteristic : Exclusive row , With up-down spacing
* hr Horizontal split line
* br Line feed
* b Bold
* i Italics
* u Underline
* s Strikethrough

List label

* Unordered list : ul and li combination unordered list list item List item
* Ordered list : ol and li combination ordered list
* List nesting : Ordered and unordered lists can be arbitrarily and infinitely nested .

Picture label img

* src: Resource path
* Relative path : Accessing resources in the station
* Pictures and pages in the same category : Write the picture name directly
* The picture is in the upper directory of the page : ../ Picture name
* The picture is in the sub directory of the page : Folder name / Picture name
* Absolute path : Accessing offsite resources , Picture stealing chain , Risk of missing pictures
* alt: The text displayed when the picture cannot be displayed normally
* title: Picture title
* width/height: Set width and height , The height is automatically scaled equally when only the width is set
* pixel
* Parent element percentage

Hyperlinks a

* href: Resource path , Similar to picture label src
* a Label wrap text is a text hyperlink , Package picture is a picture hyperlink
* Page internal jump , Add in the destination element id=xxx Then add in the hyperlink href="#xxx"

form table

* Related labels : table tr Represent line td Represent column th Header caption title
* Related properties : border frame colspan Cross column rowspan enjambment

form form

* effect : Obtain various information entered by the user And submit to the server
* study form What forms mainly learn is what controls are available

Zone label

* effect : Can be understood as a container , Unified management of multiple related labels
* Block level partition labels div: It is characterized by exclusive row
* Intra row partition label span: The characteristic is that it occupies one line
* How to divide page areas ? Divided into at least three regions ( head , body , foot ) Subdivision of each large area n Small areas
* HTML5 Some more semantic partition labels have been added to the standard of , To improve the readability of the code . The role of these labels and div Both are block level partition labels
* header head
* footer foot
* main subject
* section region
* nav Navigation

CSS Cascading style sheets

* Cascading Style Sheet
* effect : Beautify page ( renovation )

How to HTML Add to page CSS Style code

* Three introduction methods :
* inline style : On the style Add style codes to attributes , malpractice : Cannot reuse
* Internal style : stay head Add a style label , Write style code in label body , Reuse can be realized but only this page can be reused
* External style : In separate css Writing style codes in style files , stay html Page through link Label import , Multiple pages can be reused , You can html Code and css Style code separation


* effect : Add styles after finding the elements in the page through the selector
* Tag name selector : Select all labels with the same name in the page
* format : Tag name { Style code }
* id selector : Use when you need to select an element in the page
* format : #id{ Style code }
* Class selector : When you need to select multiple unrelated elements , Add the same to multiple elements class attribute , Then select through the class selector
* format : .class{ Style code }
* Group selector : Group selectors can combine multiple selectors into one
* format : h4,#id,.class{ Style code }
* attribute selectors : Select an element by its attributes
* format : Tag name [ Attribute name =" Attribute value "]{ Style code }
* Any element selector : Select all labels in the page
* format : *{ Style code }

Copy entire row shortcut ctrl+D

Annotation shortcuts ctrl+shift+/

Quickly go to the next line shift+ enter

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