from Windows
3.X start , The system provides the function of setting the desktop background , We can display our favorite pictures as the background on the desktop , Thus beautifying the working environment of users , Therefore, it is deeply welcomed by the majority of users . But in the old version Windows in , The background function is just an ornament , It does not bring much practical value to users , And here we are Windows
98 This situation changes .Windows 98 Added Web Display function , We can use its function to HTML Document set to Windows
98 Desktop background for , After that, we can directly use the Internet Connect to view information about the network ( That means the desktop becomes a big , Unrestricted browser ), In addition, we can even use " PUSH " Technology to browse real-time network information such as stock market prices directly on the desktop , This greatly facilitates users' network application .

To be in Windows
98 Will specific HTML Set document as desktop background , We just need to right-click the blank space on the desktop , Then execute from the pop-up shortcut menu " attribute " command , open " monitor " Properties dialog box and click " background " tab . Then we should click " browse " Button , Select the HTML file , single click " confirm " After button , The selected HTML Set document as desktop background , Then we can directly engage in network operations on the desktop .

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