Cloud desktop imitating computer desktop HTML Source code v1.0 introduce :

This is a set of pure static html Source code , use html and js Script implementation of a simulation of the computer desktop web End tool platform , It is the remote desktop that our search engine Daquan has been using ,

Recently, some friends like the cloud desktop of our search engine Daquan very much , So today we all release this set of source code , The effect of the source code is the same as that of our cloud desktop ,

You can go to the cloud desktop of our search engine Daquan .

After downloading the source code , File directly on the front page index.htm You can modify the Baidu alliance advertisement in the lower right corner of the cloud desktop ,

You can modify it into your own ad or delete this code directly , The lower left corner is our customer service code , As long as you delete the customer service code at the bottom of the home page file, it will not be displayed .

This set of source code is very suitable for some entertainment websites , Add a cloud desktop column to your website ,

Enhance user stickiness , Especially music on the desktop , Network TV , on-line MV Other functions , Effectively increase the stay time of visitors on your website , Even many people will collect your website because of these functions .

Let's take a look at the rendering of cloud desktop :

the reason being that HTML Code for , So all files can be html perhaps js Modified in , Include background picture of desktop ,

Menu contents in the lower right corner , However, the background picture of the desktop is not recommended to be replaced , Because we compressed this picture , Although the size of the picture is very large ,

But the size of the picture is very small , It can be loaded quickly when visitors browse the web page , If you change a larger image, visitors may open the web page much slower .

The functions on the desktop are not recommended to be modified , Because these functions on the desktop use some api Interface invoked , Probably often because api Interface is invalid and cannot be used ,

Therefore, it is recommended that you use our interface by default , When some functions fail, we will modify them uniformly , It is also for the convenience of saving maintenance costs .

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