effect 1:

import turtle import time t = turtle.Turtle() t.speed(1) # Set initial position t.penup()
t.left(90) t.fd(200) t.pendown() t.right(90) # Stamen t.fillcolor("red")
t.begin_fill() t.circle(10, 180) t.circle(25, 110) t.left(50) t.circle(60, 45)
t.circle(20, 170) t.right(24) t.fd(30) t.left(10) t.circle(30, 110) t.fd(20)
t.left(40) t.circle(90, 70) t.circle(30, 150) t.right(30) t.fd(15) t.circle(80,
90) t.left(15) t.fd(45) t.right(165) t.fd(20) t.left(155) t.circle(150, 80)
t.left(50) t.circle(150, 90) t.end_fill() # petal 1 t.left(150) t.circle(-90, 70)
t.left(20) t.circle(75, 105) t.setheading(60) t.circle(80, 98) t.circle(-90,
40) # petal 2 t.left(180) t.circle(90, 40) t.circle(-80, 98) t.setheading(-83) #
leaf 1 t.fd(30) t.left(90) t.fd(25) t.left(45) t.fillcolor("green") t.begin_fill()
t.circle(-80, 90) t.right(90) t.circle(-80, 90) t.end_fill() t.right(135)
t.fd(60) t.left(180) t.fd(85) t.left(90) t.fd(80) # leaf 2 t.right(90) t.right(45)
t.fillcolor("green") t.begin_fill() t.circle(80, 90) t.left(90) t.circle(80,
90) t.end_fill() t.left(135) t.fd(60) t.left(180) t.fd(60) t.right(90)
t.circle(200, 60) time.sleep(5)

effect 2

code :
from turtle import * from colorsys import * def curve(): for i in range(200):
right(1) forward(1) tracer(10) delay(0) speed(0) pensize(3) bgcolor("black")
left(140) cycles_number=2 for _ in range(cycles_number): s=1 for i in
range(36): color("#C90055",hsv_to_rgb(0.92,s,1)) begin_fill() forward(111.65)
curve() left(120) curve() forward(111.65) end_fill() hideturtle() right(90)
s-=0.02 done()

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