Double click to open Eclipse, The following interface will pop up

First step :

First, choose which folder you write code in , It's okay to check it , You can change it later .


Step two :

Create a new one java project file



commonly java project The name of is lowercase , Direct point finish——create Just create it

Step 3 :

stay java project Create one in package package


I created it here java project yes tutoria -- src(source Abbreviation of ) -- (Package) -- Then enter the package name ok Yes



Step 4 :

Create a new class , Create a class in the package


Right click package name ( My bag name is pk1)-- new --class



Enter class name , Check main method , spot finish It's done


Step 5 :

stay main Write your own in the method HelloWOrld sentence


When you're done ctr + s Shortcut key to save , Right click run as It's done



Attached code
public class HelloWorld { public static void main(String[] args) {
System.out.println("Hello World!"); } }
It's still very simple , I'll write later Eclipse Shortcut keys for writing code , Introduction to the whole view , And variables , class , Method naming rules ~~~

There are many super detailed articles behind ~~~

Can you give me some praise for the children's shoes that I find useful ~~~QAQ 

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