What can MCU do , Do you have any interesting works made by MCU or open source hardware

NiceDay, Desktop weather forecast ,3 Weather forecast , Beijing time calibration .

A gadget just finished a few days ago , It looks good on the table ,STM32+ESP8266, Xinzhi weather data source ,GET, local JSON analysis . each 5 Minutes to update weather and calibration RTC Beijing time , Press to get the weather manually , Calibration time .

Combined effect :

Split effect :

Backplane software and hardware DIY, LCD module , The circuit design is a little small BUG, Not used GUI library , Interface debugging is too troublesome , Too lazy to make a better interface , Know that there are too few weather data for free users , I wanted to use warm weather , But the data has not been obtained .

Post optimization :

1.SmartConfig Wechat one click distribution network .

2. Or touch screen , Manual input and write of virtual keyboard wifi key , City name .

3.GUI library , Better interface , Imitate a mobile phone weather APP Interface ?

4. On board 8266, It's really ugly to expose the module outside .

5.3D Print shell , Add a lithium battery .

6. Small news scrolling display , Life index , alarm clock , Lunar calendar, etc , It's troublesome to think about it .....

The code is written too disorderly, so it will not be made public first . I always use it micropython and arduino development , I'm too lazy to learn esp-idf.micropython Although the speed is a little slower , It also doesn't save memory , But the iteration speed is very fast , Extremely friendly to strings and network operations ( Friendly to mentally retarded ). It's also very easy in the interpreter debug. There are about a dozen at home esp8266 of IoT Environmental monitoring equipment . Lithium battery power supply .10 Sampling once per minute . Can use 3-4 Months . It's as cheap as no money , Deep sleep and very power saving .

/// Insert a message : At the beginning of this year, I recorded a set of systematic introductory single chip microcomputer tutorial , If you want, just ask me for it. It's free , I can send a private message ~ Click on my avatar, black font and I can also get it . I've been relatively idle recently , Lead to finish setting , Take students to provincial or above competitions ///

The microcontrollers I have worked with so far are stm series , Launched at this time cubemx The configuration is quite convenient  csdn There are many small experiments that can be tested , however hal It is true that the library compilation is a little slow, and it is said that there will be some problems when the later project files are large bug Resulting in regeneration ioc There's a problem .

If you plan to study the standard library configuration of car single chip microcomputer for a long time, it is still necessary to knock it hard , Although it's very troublesome to look at a large section of settings at the beginning of learning , But in fact, there are signs to follow , Practice more to be proficient , And some pits can only be remembered by stepping on them , As many people mentioned gpio to configure , Timer configuration , External interrupt , Serial communication , Should be the necessary master of learning MCU , As for the others , If you don't feel energetic enough , Can also be used and learned at that time .

As for painting pcb Board or something , In fact, I won't at this time , Although it can also be welded with the hole plate first, and then the flying wire can be used as a trolley , But it will be convenient and beautiful to draw in the back , And don't you feel a sense of accomplishment when you learn a new knowledge .

Attitude sensor , Infrared sensor is also a sensor often used in making cars , also openmv modular , Bluetooth module, etc , Learn one by one , Be able to set some goals by yourself , Then get familiar with the module guided by completing the function , It may be more directional and more dynamic .

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