<> establish vue3 project

<> one ,vue-cli edition

about Vue 3, You should use npm Available on Vue CLI v4.5 As @vue/cli. To upgrade , You should need to reinstall the latest version globally @vue/cli

command :
npm install -g @vue/cli

<> two , install

1, Select an empty folder , get into cmd input vue create vue3-test command , enter , choice Manually select features enter ;

2, Project configuration selection

* Choose Vue version // choice vue edition
* Babel //vue Commonly used in projects es6 grammar , However, the project needs to be compatible with lower version browsers , Need to introduce babel plug-in unit , take es6 Turn into es5
* TypeScripe // Support use Typescript
* Progressive Web App (PWA) Support // support PWA
* Router // support vue-router route
* Vuex // support vuex
* CSS Pre-processors // support css Preprocessor
* Linter / Formatter // Support code style checking and formatting
Unit Testing // Support unit testing
E2E Testing // support E2E test

3, choice vue edition

4, Select routing mode

Use history mode for router?(Requires proper server setup for index fallback
in production)
Whether the front-end route is selected history pattern ?YES
vue Front end routing has two routing modes :hash,history

5,Pick a linter / formatter config Syntax detection tool choice ESLint +Prettier

* ESLint with error prevention only Error prevention only
* ESLint + Airbnb config Airbnb to configure
* ESLint + Standard config Standard configuration
* ESLint + Prettier
6,Pick additional lint features Syntax detection method < choice Lint on save>

* Lint on save // Detect on save
* Lint and fix on commit //fix and commit Time detection
7,Babel,ESLint,etc. Storage location of configuration files , Independent file placement is selected here

* In dedicated config files Independent file placement
* In package.json Put on package.json in
8,Save this as a preset for future projects?(y/N) Do you want to save the options of the above configuration steps as the default configuration for future projects ---- Do not save

9, Installation succeeded

<> three , Start project

Enter project file ,cmd input npm run serve Start project

Start successful

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