Brothers , Big factories are still vigorously recruiting people , I had an interview yesterday morning , It was sent in the afternoon offer Yes , But the interview is a little difficult , I read the information given by the boss in the factory for two weeks at home .

It's not that layoffs have been very fierce recently , Last month, I became one of the layoffs , I've been at home for half a month and I haven't interviewed several companies , Find Ali you knew before during the Qingming holiday p8 The boss took an internal interview information , For two weeks , I went for an interview yesterday morning , I was informed this afternoon, and then I sent it offer.

share each other's fortunes , Let's share this today p8 The treasure book of job hopping interview compiled by the boss 2022Java Advanced learning route + Collection of high frequency interview questions , cover :
Java Basics ,JVM, Multithreading & Concurrent articles ,Spring,SpringBoot,MyBatis,MySQL,SpringCloud,Dubbo,Nginx,MQ,Linux, Design mode ,Zookeeper,Redis, Distributed ,maven,ElasticSearch,tomcat,Git
  Equal technology stack , total 2000+ page , Now it's free for everyone .

Save it, everyone , If you finish it seriously , It's very helpful to rush to the big factory and get a promotion and salary increase ! Personally tested, really effective !

one :JVM

( core :JVM Class loading mechanism ,JVM Memory model , Garbage collection mechanism , Implementation mechanism of class bytecode ,JVM Tuning case ,GC Detailed log explanation, etc )


two : Multithreading & Concurrent articles

( core : Concurrent set , Thread pool , Blocking queue ,CAS Atomic operation , Lockless concurrency framework Disruptor etc. )

three :Spring

( core :spring IOC,spring AOP principle ,spring 5,springMVC, transaction management , Cyclic dependence ,spring Design mode, etc )

four :MyBatis

( core : paging , Paging plug-in , Batch insert ,select,insert,updae|delete etc. )

five :SpringBoot

( core : Core annotation , Operation mode , Starters, monitor ,Starters, Loading order , Hot deployment , Core profile ,ActiveMQ)

six :MySQL

( core :SQL Execution principle , Indexing underlying mechanism ,SQL Execution plan analysis ,Mysql Lock mechanism ,Mysql Transaction isolation ,SQL Optimization practice, etc )

seven :Dubbo

( contain :Dubbo Basics , architecture design , colony , to configure , communication protocol ,SPI etc. )

eight :ElasticSearch

( core :ElasticSearch data model ,ElasticSearch Distributed architecture ,ElasticSearch Data reading and writing principle and segment merging, etc )

nine :MQ

( core : Message loss , Message repeated consumption , Message out of order , Message backlog , Delay queue , Message backtracking consumption , Message disk brushing mechanism ,MQ Middleware cluster architecture principle, etc )

ten :Zookeeper

( core :ZooKeeper Election mechanism ,ZooKeeper data model ,ZooKeeper Application scenario )

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