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01 problem

Many students have been struggling : Do I study MCU or embedded ?

Others say that MCU is also embedded , Is it right ?

Embedded is not linux?

Let's talk about this today .

02 What is single chip microcomputer

The essence of single chip microcomputer is a kind of computer .

What is a computer ? A computer is a hardware that contains CPU, Memory and certain peripherals (IO Pin , Network port ,I2C Interface , Serial port, etc ), An electronic system that can run certain programs .

There are many kinds of computers . Big as supercomputing , How many rooms are that big . Small as a personal computer desktop , Everyone is familiar with laptops , Smaller ones, such as tablets and mobile phones , These are computers . No matter how small, such as a smart watch, it is also a computer . As long as it meets the above definition , Hardware has CPU First several large pieces , Software can run programs. He is a computer .

Single chip microcomputer is a kind of computer , The characteristic of this kind of computer is “ monolithic ”.

What is monolithic ? Is there a single piece or multiple pieces ? Indeed .

The top of the figure below is a computer motherboard , The following figure is a single chip microcomputer . It is obvious that , The computer motherboard is very complex , And MCU is very simple .

If you've seen a computer motherboard , I knew the core of this thing was one piece PCB plate , Many chips are welded on it . And every chip is actually one “ monolithic ”, So this computer is a “ Multi chip machine ”.

Single chip microcomputer is a unique chip ( In essence, it is a unique semiconductor in the chip chip) Computer system .

Then why are they all computers , Some need more , And some are monolithic ? In fact, it's still a matter of function size . The Tibetan mastiff is so big , Pet dogs are so small , But they are all dogs , The same thing .

03 What is embedded

SCM is actually clearly defined , It's a single piece (chip) Computer system on . Although different MCU configurations are different , Different performance , Different manufacturers , Even instruction sets and development methods are different , But they are all complete computer systems on one chip , This definition is not wrong .

Embedded is not a clear definition , Not very clear about “ Embedded ” Definition of the word . He's not like MCU , It's a sure thing “ matter ” Name of .

Embedded ( English is embeded) It is essentially an electronic design method , This method is to embed microcomputers into electronic products . Only electronic products that conform to this design method can be called embedded systems . It's a bit like the brewing of Hakka cuisine ( It's also written as let ) Bitter gourd stuffed with tofu , I've just arrived in Guangdong. I just think it's delicious and its name is strange , Later, I learned that letting is actually an operation technique , Is to put the meat stuffing into balsam pear or tofu , This design method of stuffing is called letting . So embedded system and bitter gourd are actually a kind of naming method .

Why is there this word ? It's actually a historical reason . Because the early semiconductor technology was not prosperous , Computers are big . So the electronic products at that time were all independent of computers , Then pull a wire to control him in the electronics .

Let's think about an air conditioner , Air conditioning is an air conditioner that only cares about refrigeration , There are no buttons on it , Then pull a cable out of the air conditioner and connect it to a computer , Then press the keyboard through the computer to control the air conditioner . This kind of air conditioner is called non embedded system .

In reality, the air conditioners you see are not like this , There are buttons on the air conditioner cabinet that can be pressed directly , In essence, a circuit board is integrated inside the air conditioner , This circuit board is actually an embedded computer , Used to control air conditioning . Because the computer circuit board “ embed ” It's in the air conditioner , So it's called embedded system .

So now you understand , All the computer systems you see at this time , Except personal computers ( In fact, there are also special computers such as labor machines , But everyone is rare ) In fact, they are all embedded systems . include : air conditioner , Refrigerator , Washing machines and other household appliances , Cars, trains, planes and other large items , Smart phones, smart watches and other wearable smart hardware , camera , Intelligent door lock , Self service handling machine, etc , That's too much .

04 Is MCU embedded

Is MCU embedded or not ? In short : yes .

Because the computer system embedded in many embedded products is single chip microcomputer , For example, the control board embedded in the air conditioner is actually a single chip microcomputer . In fact, most of the computer systems embedded in home appliances are single chip microcomputer .

Because the single chip microcomputer is simple, cheap and enough , Therefore, the use of single chip microcomputer is the most cost-effective and appropriate . At this time, the field with the largest shipment of single chip microcomputer is household appliances , Of course, the prospect IOT Class will be used more and more , SCM will become a big incremental market .

05 Broad and narrow embedded

The concept of embedded is actually very general , The person who speaks the word embedded at this time , You may want to express different meanings . The embedded concept we mentioned above is the original definition of embedded , That is the so-called embedded system in a broad sense .

And narrow embedded , Actually “ Embedded linux system ” Abbreviation of . This narrow sense of embedded initially refers to running linux Embedded computer system of system . Later, it also includes running and linux Other embedded systems of the same level ( for example WinCE,Vxworks,Android etc. ) Computer .

This can work linux The embedded computer is not a single chip microcomputer , Single chip microcomputer can't run because of its limited resources and performance linux of . Smart phones of our common products , Automobile central control screen , Industrial control HMI, Network camera is this kind of embedded system in a narrow sense .

So when you discuss with someone whether MCU is embedded or not , You should first confirm with him what he thinks is embedded in detail ?

okay , At this point, we can draw a conclusion : In a broad sense, MCU belongs to embedded system , In a narrow sense, MCU does not belong to embedded system (linux).

06 Other extension issues

In fact, about MCU and embedded , There are many questions that are often asked , Let's write articles one by one and talk about it slowly , An article tackles a problem .

These problems, such as :

Should I learn MCU or embedded ?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of single chip microcomputer ? What are the advantages and disadvantages of embedded ?

Do you need to learn MCU before learning embedded ?

Learn SCM ( Embedded ) Is it easy to find a job ?

Learn SCM ( Embedded ) To learn C(C++,Java,python) Language ?

Do single chip microcomputer ( Embedded ) Is it youth rice ?35 Will there be no food after the age of ?

Learn SCM ( Embedded ) You need to learn hardware PCB Sketchpad ?

To learn SCM RTOS(u Embedded position applied , Go in is to do MCU development

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