python Basic introduction

  Python Is an object-oriented interpretive computer programming language , By the Dutch Guido van Rossum to 1989 Invented in , The first public release was released in 1991
year .

  Python It's pure free software , Source code and interpreter CPython follow GPL(GNU General Public License) agreement .Python
The grammar is concise and clear , One of the features is the mandatory use of whitespace (white space) Indent as statement .

  Python Rich and powerful library . It is often nicknamed glue language , Be able to integrate various modules made in other languages ( in especial C/C++) It's easy to connect . A common application scenario is , use
Python Rapid prototyping of programs ( Sometimes even the final interface of the program ), And then Parts with special requirements , Rewrite in a more appropriate language , such as 3D
Graphics rendering module in game , The performance requirements are particularly high , You can use it C/C++ rewrite , Then encapsulated as Python
Extension class library that can be called . It should be noted that you may need to consider the platform when using the extended class library , Some may not provide cross platform implementations .

  Python Use of :

  WEB application
Crawler program

Scientific calculation

Automatic operation and maintenance

big data ( Data cleaning )

cloud computing

Desktop software / game

artificial intelligence


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