programmer interview , It is an ancient imperial examination , Eight part essay is to fill in the blanks with ancient poems in the exam , Memorize the question of getting points . If you can't get this score, your Chinese won't really be taught by a PE teacher, right ?

Recurrent epidemic , Layoffs are prevalent , A lot of job hopping interviews , Including me , As a successful person who has just landed, let me tell you about my interview experience .

Before the interview, if you haven't done it because of the eight part essay , There are only two reasons , First, there is no back , Second, I can't recite the information , The former is motivated by the salary of your interview , Later is the point I want to say .

Today, I'll share with you a treasure book that helps me succeed in my interview 2022Java Advanced learning route + Collection of high frequency interview questions , contain
JVM, Multithreading & Concurrent articles ,Spring,MySQL,Nginx,Linux, Design mode ,Zookeeper,Redis, Distributed ,ElasticSearch  Isoquan
Technology stack , The quality is very high ! Now it's free for everyone .






Spring Boot







Design mode


notes : Limited space , The data has been collated into documents

one :jvm

( core :JVM Class loading mechanism ,JVM Memory model , Garbage collection mechanism , Implementation mechanism of class bytecode ,JVM Tuning case ,GC Detailed log explanation, etc )

two : Multithreading

( core : Concurrent set , Thread pool , Blocking queue ,CAS Atomic operation , Lockless concurrency framework Disruptor etc. )

three :Mysql

( core :SQL Execution principle , Indexing underlying mechanism ,SQL Execution plan analysis ,Mysql Lock mechanism ,Mysql Transaction isolation ,SQL Optimization practice, etc )

four :Spring

( core :spring IOC,spring AOP principle ,spring 5,springMVC, transaction management , Cyclic dependence ,spring Design mode, etc )

notes : Limited space , The data has been collated into documents

five :Spring Boot

( core : Core annotation , Operation mode , Starters, monitor ,Starters, Loading order , Hot deployment , Core profile ,ActiveMQ)

six :Dubbo

( contain :Dubbo Basics , architecture design , colony , to configure , communication protocol ,SPI etc. )

seven :Mybatis

( core : paging , Paging plug-in , Batch insert ,select,insert,updae|delete etc. )

eight :Linux

( core : LKM, Kernel source code , to update , compile , install ( position ),GNU,Unix Operating system, etc )

notes : Limited space , The data has been collated into documents

nine :MQ

( core : Message loss , Message repeated consumption , Message out of order , Message backlog , Delay queue , Message backtracking consumption , Message disk brushing mechanism ,MQ Middleware cluster architecture principle, etc )

ten :Zookeeper

( core :ZooKeeper Election mechanism ,ZooKeeper data model ,ZooKeeper Application scenario )

eleven : algorithm

( core : Red black tree ,B+ tree , Greedy Algorithm , Hash divide and conquer , Seven search algorithms , dynamic programming , Consistency algorithm , Data structure, etc ...)

twelve : Design mode

( contain : Singleton mode , Factory mode , Abstract factory pattern , Builder pattern , Prototype mode , Adapter mode , Decorator mode , Agent mode, etc 23 Design patterns )

notes : Limited space , The data has been collated into documents

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