First of all, you should know that you can't install it only by changing to this format WIN10 Such a new system , Only when the hard disk capacity is 3TB above , And when you want to install an operating system on it , Will be involved GPT partition , If less than 2.2TB Hard disk mounting system , No need to use GPT format , use MBR partition , It can still be used normally WIN10 system , And the partition format is MBR Under the premise of , You can still choose UEFI Start mode , that is UEFI+MBR This startup scheme , Its starting speed is not faster than UEFI+GPT How much slower , I can't even see the difference ; Second, once you decide to convert your hard drive to GPT format , If you want to install the operating system on it and start it successfully, you can only use it UEFI start-up , Because traditional BIOS Unable to native boot GPT Operating system on hard disk partition .

If you want a hard disk from MBR Convert partition to GPT Partition words , All data in the hard disk will be lost . Therefore, you need to back up the hard disk before changing the hard disk partition format , Then use Windows Disk management function DiskGenius And other disk management software to convert the hard disk into GPT(GUID) format , Recommended use DiskGenius Software in PE System down conversion , stay PE After starting the software under the system , Right click the partition you want to convert , choice “ Conversion partition table type is GUID format ” Wait for a while. The conversion is successful , Just restart it .

In addition, it can be converted into GPT Then install the operating system , You can also ignore the partition table format of the hard disk first MBR still GPT, in use UEFI The mode will be changed again during the process of installing the system , The method is as follows :

During installation , To the step of hard disk partition , Press shift+F10 Call up command line , use diskpart Enter into win7 Built in partitioning tool , command :
list disk ------> Displays all the hard drives in the computer ( Look, you need to turn Gpt Label of hard disk ) select disk XXX
------> Select a hard disk ( If the hard disk label is 0 namely select disk 0) clean --------> Empty the hard disk , The information including the current partition will also be cleared
convert gpt ------> Replace the hard disk with Gpt
( of course , No Gpt Want to use the traditional way , You can also get help here , Basic front 3 The first step remains unchanged , Replace the fourth with convert mbr)

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