Built in function bin(),oct(),hex() Used to convert integers to binary , Octal and hexadecimal forms , All three functions require that the argument must be an integer .

If necessary, calculate the average value of all elements in the list ,


str() Directly convert any type of parameter to a string

<>min max

max() and min() of key Parameters can be used to specify comparison rules


sorted() Function pair list , tuple , Dictionaries , Collection or other iteratable object to sort and return a new list


reversed() Flip the iteratable object and return the iteratable object reversed object .


Used to enumerate elements in an iteratable object , Return iteratable enumerate object , Each of these elements is a tuple containing an index and a value


map() Put a function func Map to each element of the sequence or iterator object in turn , And returns an iteratable map Object as a result
map Each element in the object is the function of the element in the original sequence func Results after treatment


discard and remove:
discard No error will be reported when deleting non-existent elements , and remove() Method will cause an error when removing a non-existent element

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