【 Reading guide 】 Dahua cannot find the network host , Here is 191 Network knowledge encyclopedia sorted by routing network , Let's have a look !

hello everyone , I am 191 Router network editor , The above questions will be explained by me .

Dahua suggests that the host cannot be found. There are the following possibilities :

1, Video recorder IP Incorrect input , The prompt cannot be found . It is recommended to check whether the access address of the video recorder is correct .

2, The video recorder is broken , Check the operation of the video recorder .

3, VCR or you install PPS My computer   The network is blocked , So the prompt cannot be found . Check the corresponding network .

The host computer refers to the main part of the computer except the input and output equipment . It is also a control box used to place the main board and other main components ( container Mainframe). Usually include
CPU, Memory , a main board , CD drive , Power Supply , And other I / O controllers and interfaces . In network technology, it is a terminal device for sending and receiving information .

Host refers to the container used to place the main board and other main components in the computer hardware system (Mainframe). Usually include CPU, Memory , Hard disk , CD drive , Power Supply , And other input and output controllers and interfaces , as
controller , Graphics card , network card , Sound card, etc . Located in the main engine box is usually called internal equipment , The devices located outside the main box are usually called peripherals ( Such as display , keyboard , mouse , External hard disk , External optical drive, etc ). usually , Host itself ( After installing the software ) It is already a computer system that can run independently , Computers with special purposes such as servers usually have only hosts , No other peripherals .

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