Recently received a list , The specific task is to remove the fog first , Then the license plate is detected and segmented , The specific code is shown below :,

myFun.h file
#pragma once #ifndef FUNCTION_H #define FUNCTION_H
#include<opencv2/core/core.hpp> #include<opencv2/imgproc/imgproc.hpp>
#include<opencv2/highgui/highgui.hpp> #include<iostream> #include<map>
#include<math.h> using namespace std; using namespace cv; // Guided filtering , Used to optimize t(x), For single channel
class MyClass { public: Mat guidedfilter(Mat& srcImage, Mat& srcClone, int r,
double eps); Mat dark_channel(Mat src); int calculate_A(Mat src, Mat
dark_channel_mat); Mat calculate_tx(Mat& src, int A, Mat& dark_channel_mat);
Mat haze_removal_img(Mat& src, int A, Mat& tx); Mat Image_Preprocessing(Mat
temp);// Image preprocessing Mat Morphological_Processing(Mat temp);// Morphological processing Mat
Locate_License_Plate(Mat temp, Mat src, Mat gray_src);// License plate location Mat
Affine_Transform(Mat temp);// affine transformation ( It is used to convert the extracted license plate into the same size ) Mat Remove_Vertial_Border

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