one , Source code compilation and installation basis

         advantage : Get the latest software version , Timely repair bug; It can also be used according to the needs of users , Flexible customization of software functions .
         Application occasion : When installing a newer version of the application ; When the currently installed program cannot meet the needs ; When new features need to be added to the application .
         Source code compilation and installation environment , Need support C/C++ Compiler for programming language , as :

two ,nginx Installation steps

        (1) Installation dependency :yum install openssl-devel pcre-devel gcc make -y

                 Installation dependent environment :openssl-devel,pcre-devel,gcc,make

        (2) Create related directory command :mkdir -p /data/{server,soft}

                soft The directory is used to store the software ;server Directory is used as the installation path              

        (3) take ngnix Put the installation package in the previous step soft Directory , Use command rz( use rz Command if installed lrzsz)


        (4) Create a dedicated startup user www:useradd www -s /sbin/nologin -M
                -s /sbin/nologin: Indicates that you cannot log in
                -M: Indicates that the home directory is not created                       

        (5) decompression ngnix Compressed package . get into /data/soft catalogue :cd /data/soft. Release Archive ngnix Compressed package :tar xf
nginx-1.10.2.tar.gz. And enter the directory :cd nginx-1.10.2

        (6) Initialization configurator installation information , And check whether the computer is installed nginx Environment :./configure
--prefix=/data/server/nginx --user=www --group=www
                 Specify the software installation path Designated user Specify user groups              

        (7) compile , Translate source code into machine code :make

        (8) install :make install

        (9)nginx basic operation :

                 start-up nginx:/data/server/nginx/sbin/nginx

                 close nginx:/data/server/nginx/sbin/nginx -s stop


        (10) visit , Enter in the browser address bar ip Address is enough             

          If this machine can access , But other computers cannot access it , Check whether the firewall is dead state              

  three ,web Server summary

         frequently-used web The server :apache,tomcat,nginx,IIS
         Path of project storage :
                apache:htdocs Under the directory
                tomcat:webapps Under the directory
                nginx:html Under the directory

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