I won the first place in the national competition in the single chip microcomputer group of the 12th Blue Bridge Cup , The competition experience is unforgettable , So I want to write an article to share my experience in preparing for the competition .

Blue Bridge Cup single chip microcomputer group inspects the knowledge of digital analog electricity and single chip microcomputer ,c Language also involves one point ,30 Objective of score ➕70 Subjective of score . The objective part is mainly composed of digital and analog electricity c The language is based on the basic knowledge of single chip microcomputer , Ten altogether , Digital and analog electricity will have 5-6 Avenue , MCU has 3-4 Avenue , There may be another one c Grammatical problems of language . The basis of digital analog electrical investigation , The key point is the basic knowledge of books , The part of MCU can be solved by checking the chip manual in the resource data packet , It is recommended to go through the chip manual in preparation for the game .

A total of 5 hour , Good morning! 9 O'clock to afternoon 2 spot , Time allocation is basically 30 Objective questions of minutes , Four and a half hours of subjective questions . At the Provincial Games , This time must be enough , But the National Games are not enough , Pay attention to speed when practicing at ordinary times . Fixed match point , If your school doesn't apply to be a match point , Then you have to play at another school , The Provincial Games will be held in the province , In principle, the national competition is to go to Beijing to compete , But in the past two years, due to the epidemic , All changed to competitions in the province . There is no network environment , A resource packet will be sent , Including schematic diagram , Burning software , Chip manual, etc , The official single chip microcomputer board is used in the competition , When submitting answers , You need to compress and upload the whole MCU project file .

I'm from 21 year 3 The Blue Bridge Cup began to be prepared in January , reach 4 month 18 This month and a half of the Japanese provincial competition , Basically every day 5 About hours of preparation time . I followed the little bee teacher for about half a month , In the past half a month, I have done all kinds of exercises given by the teacher .

After these basic training , I have points in my heart , So he began to brush the provincial competition questions . The first set is made of colored lights , It was very uncomfortable at that time , I feel like I can't start , Later, when it came to the third set and the fourth set, the feeling came , Much faster , The later stage is basically 3 You can finish a set of questions from scratch in about an hour . It took me more than a week to finish the provincial competition questions , This time is less than a month away from the provincial competition , I began to brush the national competition questions directly , It took about two weeks to finish the national competition . The national competition is still much more difficult than the provincial competition , Simple ones, too 4 It takes hours to finish , Some problems will take a long time . I will summarize the problems and solutions , Deepen your memory .

After brushing all the questions , I think I have no problem with my subjective question , Start preparing objective questions . During this period, I searched the Internet for a lot of digital, analog and electronic products c Basic knowledge of language , And I summarized some basic knowledge in the book and reviewed it , I've gone through all the chip manuals , This will make it easier to find in the examination room .

After preparing these things , I'll go to the provincial competition , Finally, Jiangsu Province 30 Name or so , Because there are two wrong multiple-choice questions . After the provincial competition, it will take more than a month to go to the national competition , During this period, I participated in the school's electronic design competition , Won a first prize , In the follow-up, he also got the second grade in the national video game in November . During this period, I brushed all the national competition questions for the second time , The second time is very different from the first time , I began to notice the details , Continuously improve my effect , Strive to achieve all functions perfectly . For example, the brightness of nixie tube , Key Conflict , The conflict between serial port and nixie tube and other details , I also summarized the solutions to these problems . So the code I wrote the second time was much better than the first time , The code framework is also better written , Easier to understand .

Before the National Games , I have basically solved all the details I can think of , Then he went straight to the national competition . There are a lot of big guys in the national game , There are more than 100 people in a classroom , The keyboard crackled , There are some requirements for psychological quality . I accidentally shut down my computer at first , During this time, the two brothers next to me have finished coding one side of the code , Therefore, it has a great impact on me , I made a lot of mistakes at the beginning , But I checked the objective questions after I finished the subjective questions , It's all changed . According to the results , I should finally be the perfect realization of the program problem ➕ Objective questions are all right , Good luck, too , One question is to check the manual of temperature chip in English , I was wrong, but then I just turned to that line and chose it .

Looking back on the preparation for more than two months , Personally, I think it is full of hardships and memories . I took part in this competition to avoid extra points , Judging from the results, the award added to the icing on the cake .

I gradually formed my own writing style in the process of preparing for the Blue Bridge Cup , It basically belongs to the inheritance and improvement of the writing method of little bee teacher , Relatively easy to understand . Many students wanted to learn my code writing before , Ask me for information , What we need to tell you is that there is a little charge for these materials . In addition to income , On the one hand, I don't want it to be a rotten street , After all, it represents my three-month struggle ; On the other hand, I also want to get to know the younger brothers and sisters who are seriously preparing for the Blue Bridge Cup , Information and consultation and Q & A are bundled , if necessary , There will be long-term free consultation and Q & A in the follow-up .

Devote yourself to one thing , The final result must be unexpected , This experience is given to all Blue Bridge Cup microcontrollers er . come on. !

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