Pylint It's a python Syntax detector , While improving programming efficiency, the fancy warnings it brings are also really uncomfortable , Like this colorful wavy line below :

These warnings are extremely diverse , Like the following :

Method 'forward' is abstract in class 'torch.nn.modules.module' but is not

Formatting a regular string which could be a

Unused import torchPylint(W0611:unused-import)

Missing function or method docstringPylint(C0116:missing-function-docstring)


How to eliminate these warnings ?

1, If installed pylint plug-in unit

The operation is as follows :

stay VSCode Click in turn  File -> Preferences -> Settings , Then click in the upper right corner Open Setting(JSON)
, In open  json Add the following statement to the file :
"pylint.args": ["--errors-only"]
2, If used python Self contained lint

  Add in the same position as above :
"python.linting.pylintArgs": ["--errors-only"]

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