In recent years , As cyber security is listed as part of the national security strategy , This has greatly accelerated the development of the national security industry , In addition to some traditional security vendors , More and more Internet companies begin to pay more attention to network security , Introduced a lot of fresh blood . Do you know the main jobs in the network security industry ? What are the job responsibilities ? See below :

   Safe operation and maintenance / Safety Service Engineer

   Security reinforcement of server and network infrastructure ;

   Whole incident investigation and analysis , Cooperate with the regular preparation of safety analysis report , Focus on safety events in the industry ;

   Track the latest vulnerability information , Conduct safety inspection of business products ;

   Responsible information security policy / Process development , Safety training / Publicity and promotion ;

   be responsible for Web Vulnerability and system vulnerability repair work was promoted , Track the solution , Problem collection ;

   Network Security Engineer

   Responsible for product commissioning and delivery in network security project ;

   Be responsible for the preparation of technical scheme in network security project ;

   Be responsible for customer safety emergency and after-sales on-site ;

   Penetration test post /Web Safety Engineer

   Carry out safety reinforcement for various systems of the company ; On the company website , Conduct security assessment and test for business system ( Black box , White box test );

   Respond to company safety incidents , Clean the back door , Analyze the attack path according to the log ;

   Research on Safety Technology , Including security technology , Hacker technology, etc ;

   Track the latest vulnerability information , Conduct safety inspection of business products ;

   Security attack and defense Engineer

   Master one or more programming languages ;

   Familiar with common security attack and defense technologies ;

   Strong learning ability , Can learn new technology quickly ;

   Familiar with risk assessment , Emergency response , Penetration test , Safety reinforcement and other safety services ;

   Good language skills , Document organization ability .

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