(1) Download and unzip JDK Package to specified directory

(2) Configure environment variables

with dataxc Users as an example , An example script is as follows :
#!/bin/bash # jdk.sh # install jdk front , View installed first jdk edition , Uninstall unneeded versions nodes=(n100 n101 n102 n103)
# Create program directory function f_mkdir() { if [ ! -d /home/dataxc/opt ];then mkdir
/home/dataxc/opt else echo dir exist fi } f_mkdir # decompression jdk package cd /home/dataxc/sw &&
tar -zxvf jdk-8u301-linux-x64.tar.gz -C /home/dataxc/opt # Copy to other nodes for node in
${nodes[*]:1} do ssh dataxc@$node mkdir -p /home/dataxc/opt/jdk1.8.0_301 scp -r
/home/dataxc/opt/jdk1.8.0_301 dataxc@$node:/home/dataxc/opt done
# add to java Variable to ~/.bashrc( or /etc/profile) for node in ${nodes[*]} do ssh dataxc@$node
'echo -e "export JAVA_HOME=/home/dataxc/opt/jdk1.8.0_301\nexport
PATH=$PATH:\$JAVA_HOME/bin" >> /home/dataxc/.bashrc; source
/home/dataxc/.bashrc' done #end

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