1. get into /opt
cd /opt
2. decompression Kafka Installation package
tar -zxf kafka_2.11-2.0.0.tgz
3. Move decompressed kafaka reach soft/kafka211
mv kafka_2.11-2.0.0.tgz soft/kafka211
4. get into soft/kafka211/config/
cd soft/kafka211/config/
5. modify server.properties
vim server.properties
5.1 to listeners,log.dirs and zookeeper.connect Assign corresponding value
listeners=PLAINTEXT:// Host address :9092 log.dirs=/opt/soft/kafka211/log
zookeeper.connect= Host address :2181
6. modify /etc/profile
vim /etc/profile
6.1. add to kafka Operating environment
#KAFKA ENV export KAFKA_HOME=/opt/soft/kafka211 export
7. implement /etc/profile
source /etc/profile
8. Execute the following command , If there is no error message , Then install kafka success !
kafka-server-start.sh /opt/soft/kafka211/config/server.properties

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