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If you want to learn Python, Or are you just starting to learn Python, Then you might ask :“ I can use it Python Do what? ?”

This question is hard to answer , because Python There are many uses .

Everyone knows , At present, the concept of full stack engineer is very popular , and Python Is a full stack development language , So if you can learn it well Python, So front end , back-end , test , Big data analysis , You can do all these jobs, such as reptiles .

be engaged in Python Development for so long , Also learned a lot , I find Python There are four main applications :

Internet worm

web development

artificial intelligence

Automatic operation and maintenance

The following article will explain these aspects in detail

Already learning Python My friends, please continue to watch , Maybe it can help you in your future study .

<> first
<> What is a web crawler ?

Web crawler , It refers to the script program that crawls the required content on the network according to certain rules . as everyone knows , Each page usually contains entries to other pages , Web crawlers enter other web sites in turn through one web site to obtain the required content .
<> What's the use of reptiles ?
As a general search engine web collector .(google,baidu)

Do vertical search engine .

scientific research : Online human behavior , Online community evolution , Human dynamics research , Econometric Sociology , complex network , data mining , Empirical research in other fields requires a lot of data , Web crawlers are a powerful tool for collecting relevant data .

Peeping ,hacking, Spam ……

Crawler is the first and easiest step of search engine .
<> In what language do you write reptiles ?
C,C++. high efficiency , fast , It is suitable for general search engine to crawl the whole network . shortcoming , Slow development , It's smelly and long , for example : Skynet search source code .

scripting language :Perl, Python, Java, Ruby. simple , studies of the Book of Changes , Good text processing can facilitate the detailed extraction of web content , But the efficiency is often not high , It is suitable for focused crawling of a small number of websites

C#?( It seems that people in information management prefer language )
<> Why the final choice Python?

I use c#,java I've written about reptiles . Little difference , The principle is to make good use of regular expressions . It's just a platform issue . Later I learned that many reptiles use python Written , So it went out of control .Python Many advantages , Summarize two main points :

1) Grab the interface of the web page itself

Compared with other static programming languages , as java,c#,C++,python The interface for capturing web documents is more concise ; Compared with other dynamic scripting languages , as perl,shell,python of urllib2 Package provides a relatively complete way to access Web documents API.( of course ruby It's also a good choice )

in addition , Crawling web pages sometimes needs to simulate the behavior of the browser , Many websites are blocked for stiff crawler capture . This is what we need to simulate user
agent The behavior of constructing the appropriate request , For example, simulate user login , simulation session/cookie Storage and settings of . stay python There are excellent third-party packages in the bag to help you handle it , as Requests,mechanize

2) Processing after web page capture

Crawled web pages usually need to be processed , Such as filtering html label , Extract text, etc .python of beautifulsoap It provides simple document processing function , Can use very short code to complete the processing of most documents .

In fact, many languages and tools can do the above functions , But use python Can work fastest , Cleanest .Life is short, u need python.

Learning Planning about reptiles , I made a little arrangement for you , I hope it will be helpful to you .

<> two ,web development

Because I said too much about reptiles , I'll simplify my statement below
<> What is? web Development ?
In fact, it is to develop a website .

1,python Basics , Because use python Developed , therefore python Specify to meet , At least you have to judge the conditions , loop , function , Such knowledge ;

2,html,css Basic knowledge of , Because you want to develop a website , All web pages html and css Written , At least you have to know , Even if you can't write the front end , Can't develop a particularly beautiful page , website , At least be able to understand html Label is ;

3, Basic knowledge of database , Because if you develop a website , Where does the data exist , It's in the database , Then you should at least be able to add, delete, modify and check the database , How else can I save data , Get data

If the above knowledge will , Basically , Can develop a simple small station, there is no problem , If you want to develop a larger website , The business logic is complex , Then you have to use other knowledge , for instance redis,MQ wait .

Add one thing ,Django and Flask Etc. Based Python of Web Framework recently in Web Very popular in development .

these Web Frames can help you use Python Write server-side code ( Back end code ). This is the code running on your server , Instead of running code on user devices and browsers ( Front end code ).

Continue to arrange

<> three , artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence (Artificial
Intelligence), English abbreviation is AI. It's research , Developed for simulation , Theory of extending and expanding human intelligence , method , A new technology science of technology and application system .
Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science , It attempts to understand the essence of intelligence , And produce a new intelligent machine that can respond in a similar way to human intelligence , Research in this field includes robots , Language recognition , image recognition , Natural language processing and expert system, etc . Since the birth of artificial intelligence , Theory and technology are becoming more and more mature , The application field is also expanding , it is conceivable that , Technology products brought by artificial intelligence in the future , Will be the of human wisdom “ container ”, It may also exceed human intelligence .

For those who want to join AI And developers in the big data industry , Put the eggs on the Python This basket is not only safe , And it's necessary .

Or put it another way , If you want to work in this industry in the future , Don't think about anything , Close your eyes first Python Learned .

of course ,Python Not without its problems and shortcomings , You can and should have another or even several languages with Python Form collocation , however Python Will sit steady data analysis and AI
Location of the first language , There is no doubt about that .

I even think , because Python
Sit firmly in this position , Because this industry needs a large number of practitioners in the future , More because Python It is rapidly becoming the preferred teaching language for introductory programming courses in primary and secondary schools around the world , This open source dynamic scripting language has a great opportunity to become the first real programming Esperanto in the near future .


<> four , Automatic operation and maintenance

With the progress of Technology , Rapid growth of business demand , An operation and maintenance personnel usually has to manage hundreds of people , Thousands of servers , The operation and maintenance work also becomes repetitive , Complicated . Automate operation and maintenance , It can liberate the operation and maintenance personnel from the management of the server , Make operation and maintenance simple , fast , accuracy .

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I hope these can help you grow from a little white to a big cow , Finally, let me remind you , Don't choose comfort at the age of struggle , I hope Xiaobian's article can help my friends !
<>END <> I wish you all a pleasant study , Speed of learning . <> If it helps , Little friends, you can point a praise collection and support !❤️ <>
Also welcome to turn off the cooking lili, One is getting bald , But programmers who can make you stronger ~ <> So much for today , I'm le Beili , An interesting soul ! See you next time !

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