classmate , These things are just tools , Your purpose is not to be lazy , Your goal is to master tools , Realize your needs

That's your purpose , Your purpose is not to see which tool is simpler

Capitalists do not recruit programmers , It's the people who work

Your primary goal is to meet your needs , Write software

In English

Make it work, 
make it right, 
make it fast.
Three steps , In our daily work , There are similar guidelines

Solve the problem first , Then solve the problem of good and bad , How many problems are finally solved
python contrast java, You only see simplicity , But have you ever thought about it , You want to use python What are you doing here ?

You use py Write one on Android app You try , You will find that many people can't do it , Right ?

Although it is possible in theory , But actually ?

however java All right ,java You can easily write a on Android app

Although Android and other Google platforms , Following java part company each going his own way , But I used it after all java a span , So in the future, it will be developed on Google platform app Language of , There will still be a lot java Traces of , So I did java Experience , It can be further used to, for example flutter,kotlin Wait for the tools

however py That's not the case ,py Never in app It has been popular on a large scale , Not only py such , Include all scripts , Hardly , In particular, apple began to require all app store Upper app do aot After compilation , Practice of channel on script shell , It is increasingly being driven out of the big field of clients

Of course, you can count on the wechat applet, ha ha , I'm not optimistic about small programs , Because I think drawing a picture gui, worthless , You can outsource these businesses , Because these businesses have been very involved , It's much more cost-effective for you to outsource here than to work , So I now outsource all the business of drawing interface , It won't cost much , It's really cheap

So finally, it depends on what software you want to make , Although speaking language is not important , But in practice , Not all languages can write all software , The application fields of scripts and other languages are relatively limited , Of course, in theory , It's just theoretical and practical , It's two different things

The language spoken by capitalists is not important , intend , When a language is uncertain , You have the ability to do it in another language

And the language many people understand is not important , I can write in any language I know , This is obviously different from the language understood by capitalists

After all, in the struggle between labor and management , The management is quite strong , The labor side is more in a passive and selected position

Technology is such a thing , With the progress of Science , Same technology , As more and more people attend the meeting , It will only get cheaper and cheaper

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