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Knowledge range of participating groups
University Group HTML5,CSS3,JavaScript,jQuery,BootStrap,ES6,Vue.js,
ElementUI,ECharts,LESS(v2.5.3+),Node.js(v 14.17.1),webpack(v4.x)
Investigation points and knowledge points
HTML5,CSS31.HTML Basic label
2.HTML5 New features ( New semantic tags , Some tags for form enhancements , New API, Such as local storage )
3.CSS Basic grammar
4. Box model
5. Floating and positioning
6.CSS3 New features ( New selector , text , frame , background , animation )
7. Elastic box
8. Media query ( Responsive page layout )
JavaScript1.JavaScript Basic grammar
3.JavaScript Built in object (data,string,array)
4.JavaScript event ( Mouse event , Keyboard events , Form Events )
5.JavaScript AJAX( request )
jQuery1.jQuery Basic grammar
2.jQuery selector
3.jQuery event
4.jQuery DOM operation
5.jQuery effect ( hide / display , Fade in / Fade out , animation )
6.jQuery ergodic
7.jQuery AJAX
8.jQuery plug-in unit ( Focus on the use of plug-ins , horse race lamp , Plug-in of rotation chart , Some plug-ins of website effect )
BootStrap1.BootStrap Basic grammar
2.BootStrap CSS assembly
3.BootStrap JavaScript plug-in unit
ES61.let and const command
3. character string , function , Array and object extensions
4. Asynchronous programming and modularization
2.Vue core ( Common instructions , Common template syntax , life cycle , Data rendering , Event binding , Custom instruction , Mix in , Plug-ins, etc )
3.Vue assembly ( Component definition and use , Parent child component , Sibling component , Dynamic component , Component slot )( Splitting of components , signal communication )
4.Vue animation
5. Combined type (Composition)API use
6.vue-router use ( important ! Guard route )
7.vuex use
8.axios use ( Request data binding to component , Then render to our page )
ElementUI1. Use of basic components
2. Forms and table components
3. Pop up component
4. Navigation components
ECharts1.ECharts Basic grammar
2.ECharts Draw a chart
3.ECharts Asynchronous data loading and updating
4.ECharts Interactive component ( If prompted , zoom )
5.ECharts event processing ( Mouse click , Double click the mouse , Data interaction through events )
LESS1. LESS And Sass Introduction and installation
2. LESS Basic grammar ( variable , blend , nesting , operation , Escape , Scope , Import )
3. LESS Built in function ( String function , List function , Mathematical function , Logic function number , Type function , Operation color function )
4. Maybe rewrite something ( If there are some CSS Content of , adopt LESS Do some rewriting or optimization ; If the same color value is used , Variables can be defined )
Node.js1.Node.js Basics (Web request , route )
2.Node.js Operation database
3.express Frame use ( Return some data in the background )
node.js It is a relatively independent knowledge point , It will be more independent when involved
webpack1.webpack Basic knowledge
2.webpack loader
3.webpack Packaging configuration

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