this year python It's much more difficult than last year , And it seems that only A group , and c++ of A The group has about 8 The Tao is the same . I filled in the blanks with too many dishes and only made them 3 That's right. Two , It's a big issue 2 Avenue , Yang Hui triangle should only be more than half . The feeling after the exam is that it is more and more difficult to get a good prize in the Blue Bridge Cup , It's no longer a competition where violence can win prizes . Finally, I attached two blank filling questions and all the questions , You can try if you are interested .

A Question card

This question is relatively simple , And because you fill in the blanks, you don't have to write them all out .
The main idea is to spell numbers 1 Your card is the fastest to use , So when 1 run out 2021 Zhang is the result , The answer is 3181.
ans=0 for i in range(1,3182): ans+=str(i).count("1") print(ans)
ans=0 for i in range(10000): ans+=str(i).count("1") if ans==2021 or ans+str(i+1
).count("1")>2021: break print(i)
C Title cargo placement

It's scary to see the numbers are big , But violence can be solved , In the examination room, I did factorization plus three cycles , Others use the prime factor decomposition, permutation and combination . It's very spicy, but at least it can be made .
n=int(input()) ans=[] for i in range(1,int(n**0.5)+1): if n%i==0: ans.append(i)
ans.append(n//i) res=set() for i in ans: for j in ans: for k in ans: if i*j*k==
n: res.add((i,j,k)) print(len(res))
answer 2430

Other topics are attached , You can do it if you are interested

B The question has no idea

D Shortest path template Wrong

E topic I didn't even see it

F topic The only good question to do Pay attention to the operational relationship between milliseconds and seconds

c++b Group H topic ,python of G topic But I turned it up in the examination room and the computer crashed , It is estimated that in the end, it can only be more than half

H topic

I topic (c++A Group G topic )

J topic (c++A Group I topic )

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