I'm a high vocational college student java Group players , This competition has achieved the first three results in China , Before, as an ignorant freshman , Participated in a competition , Only the third grade has been achieved , This is also a small goal . Unfortunately, I didn't go to Beijing twice (
Agreed 300 What about travel /(ㄒoㄒ)/ )

This should be my last time in the Blue Bridge Cup , I won't write the explanation of this competition , Many online , Let me give some advice to the players who will participate in the Blue Bridge Cup later .

<>1. Introduction to Blue Bridge Cup

Ten questions altogether , front 5 Fill in the blanks , after 5 Channel programming .

Take the above topic as an example , The time for programming problems is usually 1 Within seconds , Especially the last few questions , to want to 1 After seconds, all data needs a certain algorithm skill , There will be data scale at the bottom of the topic , The percentage you can multiply by your program
Topic score .

As for memory, don't worry , The main thing is that your compiler doesn't report errors , The memory is turned up , The compiler will report errors , But never adapt the parameters of the translator , That's stealing the bell .

General Xiaobai is to ask what kind of awards to do . Actually, it's exactly according to the score .
The Blue Bridge Cup is both national and provincial 150 branch .
The scores of the ten questions are :5,5,10,10,15,15,20,20,25,25

The first prize depends on the difficulty . As for the third prize, what should I do 3 The sign in question is stable
Check in question is before filling in the blank 2 And programming questions 1 Avenue

Provincial competition : first-class 10%, second 20%, Third class 30%, No Excellence Award ( Participation Award )
National competition : First class not higher than 5%, second 20%, Third class not less than 25%, Other Excellence Awards ( Unless 0 branch )

<>2. Problem solving skills ( be opportunistic )

1. Direct input example
2. Date or something You can use calculators and excel
3. No cheating

<>3. Real problem solving skills ( algorithm )

1. Pay attention to data types and conversions :
greater than 10^9 The data should be opened long, Especially when the topic needs to be modeled .double There will be loss of accuracy , Try not to make comparisons , Have to compare , Also add a small constant .
Integers multiply floating-point numbers by more than one 1.0, Because it's calculated from left to right , Default to left .

2. Estimated time complexity :
Generally, the evaluation machine can 10^8 Data , If the data scale of the topic is 10^5 Words , Then your time complexity should be less than
n^2, And when you learn more , In fact, when you see the data scale of the topic, you can guess the algorithm of the topic test . For example, the data scale above , I guess so nlogn. and nlogn You can think of two points , multiplication , Data structures and so on .

3. charge by the meter :
It is generally used when looking for regular topics , Is to calculate all the data in advance , Put in array , Can be in O(1) Figure it out , Sometimes it works wonders , At the same time, it is also a way to help you find rules .

4. Opposite beat :

In short , It's you who do the violence of the problem first , Then when writing optimization , Verified by the results of violence , Because there are few test samples , And the violence algorithm is generally correct , The optimization algorithm does not necessarily guarantee its correctness , And even if you don't optimize it , You can also get a certain score .

<>4. Learning route

At present, it is strongly not recommended to use the Blue Bridge Cup's own question brushing system , Whether old or new , Algorithm classification is not detailed , Too few questions , Previous topics , Wait for the basic algorithm template
Look again when you are familiar with it , Looking at the previous topics is mainly to be familiar with the types and descriptions of the Blue Bridge Cup topics , Just look at the recent 2 Year , Because the style of the Blue Bridge Cup is constantly changing .

There's also a very hot buckle , I personally do not recommend this learning algorithm for beginners , Because the buckle is enterprise oriented , And for algorithms , The typical algorithm template problem is not obvious , Lead to slow learning progress . But Li Kou's weekly and biweekly matches
Is highly recommended , It is one of the few difficult games that are friendly to beginners of the algorithm , Which aspect of the algorithm is weak can be reflected through the competition , But prizes are difficult .

Recommend Luogu for learning . Luo Gu is an old website , A lot OIer, The most talked about is orz%%%, If it is used, it will be classified according to the algorithm
, Personal or official , But the fastest way to learn is , There is one that can help you plan your algorithm learning route , Standard code writing , Help you understand the problem , discovery procedure bug My teacher .

Another website is acwing, This is mainly for yxc teacher , He will solve the problems of the Blue Bridge Cup and other competitions , It's too strong orz%%%, Wait for his solution after the game , Absolutely AK Solution to the problem
.(AK, finger All-Killed, Can pass all data )

<> last

I am very happy to win this award , But I also know , I'm just a buckle 2000 Sub level , So force buckle 2000 Above people , Better than me . I can take one country , It's just that the environment is different , Now I'm ready to do development , I don't know if there will be any intersection between algorithm competition and my life , Now we can only concentrate on the development and upgrading , When I'm upgraded to junior college , I want to fight acm.
The difficulty of the Blue Bridge Cup is just a drop of water in the ocean of algorithm competition , If you are interested in algorithm competition , The Blue Bridge Cup is just your stepping stone , stay acm You will meet more experts , I wish you a bright future .

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