Subdivision direction of network security engineers :

Specialized in penetration testing

Specialized in safety analysis

Specialized in threat analysis

Specialized in forensics

Special maintenance , Reinforcement or something

on the whole , Main work of Network Security Engineer :1. Analyze the current situation of network   2. In case of network attack or security incident, improve the service to help users recover the system , Investigate and obtain evidence   
3. Some network architectures facing customers , Propose reasonable network security solutions   4. Responsible for coordinating a customized implementation of the solution , Deployment and development, etc .

Work of penetration test engineer : It mainly focuses on network security and defense . First of all, have a certain understanding of the maintained site or network, that is, information collection ; Analyze the information obtained and get the general defense situation of the network ; Then it analyzes the vulnerability of the network , Generally, it includes vulnerabilities in the province of the system , Software vulnerabilities , Code level vulnerabilities ; Find loopholes for penetration ( Main technical application links ); Then, after penetrating ( Enter server ) Steal information out to bypass security equipment ; Finally, eliminate the trace , Can't be Forensics .

Therefore, the network engineer in the direction of penetration is to simulate hackers , Attack the target server or network , This is a white box test ( The penetration engineer knows the relevant information of the site ), Hack into the internal network or server with your own means , Finally, a report shall be given to Party A , The report points out the means of attack , It is recommended to deploy relevant products , It is suggested to take relevant measures to defend .

By a website
Small vulnerabilities began to gradually use various technical means to win the server corresponding to the website ( The website is built on the server ). Upload the Trojan horse to the target server and execute it successfully , You can successfully win the target server . The essence of penetration testing is information collection .

1) Systematic learning penetration test process from simple to deep : To get the password , Get administrator privileges , Get the highest permission of the target , Obtain all controllable permissions of the target intranet as an example

2) Master the principle of mainstream vulnerabilities , Utilization method : injection , Cross Station , read , Ultra vires , upload , Request Forgery

3) Learning loopholes, mining thinking methods , Start vulnerability mining training for selected targets

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