topic 1: use Vue2 The syntax of completes a keyword matching search function , This method is relatively simple to see by yourself , Yes .

  filteredList() {

            // TODO: Please supplement the code



topic 2: This question didn't work at first jquery grammar , Direct use Js write , Then I looked at it and used it directly

$() Method direct loop traversal application

topic 3: Marketing number generator Well, this . Note that it can only be triggered by a specific user . Just add a judgment

topic 4: Card switching same question 2 similar , Just use js write . Pay attention to two layers for loop nesting , With exclusive thought .

topic 5: Personal blog   Mainly investigate your understanding of css Understanding of .

/* TODO:banner Text on Center display required */
.home-wrapper .banner .banner-conent .hero {
  margin-top: 3rem;
  text-align: center;

/* TODO: main-wrapper By setting main-wrapper Layout mode Give Way .main-left  .main-right Correct display */
.main-wrapper {
  margin: 0.5rem auto 1 auto;
  max-width: 1300px;
  padding: 0 0.9rem;
  box-sizing: border-box;
  position: relative;
  display: flex;
  flex-wrap: initial;

/*/* TODO Width adaptation Left display */
.main-wrapper .main-left {

  float: left;  

  box-sizing: border-box;

/* wide 245px Right display */
.main-wrapper .main-right>* {
  box-sizing: border-box;
  width: 245px;
 float: right;


be careful flex Layout and width adaptation

topic 6: Fresh Fruit Platter

This is too simple , It's been seconds. There's nothing to say

reference resources align-self value : flex-start flex-end center baseline stretch order:< integer >(...
-1, 0 (default), 1, ..)

You can do it

topic 7:  A New Year greeting card

This question really bothered me for a little while ...

Finally, I didn't understand the requirements , A few minutes late

Random number function from greetings Take a value at random and return

use random() Function is fine , array [Math.floor((Math.random()* array .length))]
You can return the random value of the array , Finally, call show() Just assign a value to the greeting card box

function show(greetingDisplay) {

greetingDisplay.innerText =writeGreeting()


topic 8:

Until the end of this question, I have been prompted that the page gap is greater than 20%

  Same code , Submit error report ten minutes ago , Go straight through in ten minutes ???

To be continued ........

topic 9:


perfect  css/style.css  Style file , Make the login page appear as shown above . Directly in css Just modify it inside

Key page styles are described below :

* Form appearance style : Gao Wei  600px, Kuanwei  450px, Background color is  rgba(0, 0, 0, .45), Rounded border is  10px.
* Avatar image style at the top of the form : Both width and height are  200px, fillet  50%.
* Secondary Title Style in the form : Font size is  45px, Font thickness is  800.
* Button style in form : Kuanwei  80px, Gao Wei  30px, Border color is  #041c32, Background color is  #2d4263, Font size is  16px, Font color is  white.
* The style of the input box in the form : Font size is  20px, Rounded border is  5px, Width  300px.
topic 10:【 Algorithm implementation 】 The little rabbit climbed the stairs

This question should be based on the law

* When the number of steps n by 0 Time , Direct return 0.
* When the number of steps n by 1 Time , Direct return 1.
* When the number of steps is greater than 1 Time , Suppose there is i The ladder needs climbing , Yes dp[i] Medium method .
* 3 Ladder above steps , All meet a law :dp[i] = dp[i-1] + dp[i-2].
Then in js File code

join if judge   Just go back

  topic 11:【 Function realization 】 Shopping Cart

The key is to use axios To ask for json Just file it ,

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